Hey Daniel,

You are right on. And since I'm processing various feeds and search queries around the web, it is a challenging task to ensure that every material contains only the "relevant" contents. Therefore, the screening process would be a vital part of the site.

At the same time, there is "report" button with which users can alert an objectionable contents. So I hope it goes both ways where the site does its best to ensure trustworthy contents, while the community also contributes toward the filtering.

Thanks for your ideas though! smile

Hello fellow Godbitters!

I've recently (re)-launched a site called "FaithfulNews". I wanted to collect all the interesting and reliable Christian contents around the web and present them at a central place. I guess you can think of it as a Digg (or mixx.com, reddit.com) for Christians.

It's a preliminary version at the moment and I am planning more features to be included in near future. But it would be GREAT to receive some critiques from fellow believers.


Thank you so much!



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hmm, what about

http://www.coderun.com/ide/ ??

Not sure if it's something similar, but I do see "collaborative development" happening in future. I remember another online collaborative development awhile ago for PHP and JavaScript etc, but can't remember the URL or the name of the site.


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It's clean and easy to use.

I'm not sure if you are providing this feature already (since I didn't register). But I think if you provide option for receiving the daily prayers + bible studies in either RSS for subscription email, it would be great. I know many friends (myself included), receive devotionals and daily readings via email or the RSS reader.

smile hope that helps a bit! Keep up the awesome work!


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I like the overall design! smile Simple and intuitive layout! and well structured content!

I agree with Jim though. The middle "Red/pink" colour seems slightly out of place. I think maybe a darker red might suit too. I've seen blue/red combination work quite nicely and they were usually darker red + darker blue (almost maroon + navy) combination.

Also I think the sub menus can also be jazzed up a little bit more. There are heaps of CSS navigation templates available on the web. You might be inspired! smile For example, http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicinde … thmenu.htm

GOOD LUCK! smile

Christian presence is quite minor in Aussie-web, I think. Love to hear if there are anyone else and even possibly starting a meet-up groups to brainstorm some ideas to make something! smile


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My name is Eric Bae, residing in Sydney Australia, MATE! smile I am a software engineer, data mining researcher, prolific Web 2.0 guy, and one sold out to Jesus.

Personally, I don't think we (Christians) are doing enough to proliferate the Web with God's awesome stuff (especially in Australia)! and I love Godbit for what it's doing.

Looking forward to interacting with you all!

.. little bit more space between columns? or maybe having less textual content (maybe limit to 20 words..)?

We'll always welcome you. smile


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Text size looks ok to me too. But the images are overlapping in my browser (Firefox).

I like it. I think the design suits the target audience. But I think it might feel a little bit cluttered? But I guess that's quite minor. smile Great site!! Keep it up!!



Hey Sam smile

A fellow aussie here. Great to see you on this. And I'd love to be riding roos to my work, but Sydney trains are fine for me.