I'm looking for someone who could work on a more visually interesting (and perhaps google accessible) site for a small, community-based group that does work in Africa. Giving Heart Ministries does work in the country of Malawi, and is run by Mike Mtika, a native Malawian who is also a Sociology professor at a small Christian University in the states.

The project needs to keep a very low budget-- there is essentially no overhead budget for the organization, it all happens out of pocket. The site needs an update because previous ways of getting donations (printer cartidges, etc.) are running dry.

The ideal site would have an integrated blog that could be updated very easily, much cleaner design, and integrate newer information. Paypal integration and a basic contact form would be great, too. Anything that looks great but could be updated by someone with a basic knowledge of microsoft office-style applications would be absolutely fantastic.

Please check out the current site, and send a message to this username at gmail.com if you could take this on. If you're looking for something fantastic to do for God's kingdom using your web development skills, this is definitely a project to take on. I'll put you in touch with Dr. Mtika, and help you both get started. THANK YOU

Current Site: