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I'm trying to build a web app (my first one) as a personal project. I have a pretty good idea of how to create the front-end interaction with JavaScript, but how does it store the information from the front-end? I'm looking at an app like that at Mint.com and saw there job postings are looking for experience with "SQL (particularly Oracle)".

Does anyone know a good resource for a beginner to get started with that?


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I'm working on a portfolio page for a friend's graphic design site. And I've got everything working except the tabs sad

I think it's not working because I have some nested plugins. Here's the setup:
-4 different categories that use the accordion plugin with jQuery UI. (That works great.)
-Each category has multiple projects, which I'm using loopedSlider to scroll through. (That works great too.)
-Each Slide/Project has a description, and some have a quote from the client or awards, and I want these 3 pieces of content to be a tabbed interface, but jQuery tabs isn't working. I think it's because the desired <div> I want tabbed is embedded in the slide and accordion.

Here's the page: http://designbytanya.com/portfolio/test/ - You'll notice that the description and quote are both visible, but that's what I want to be tabbed.

Any ideas?

I've got a simple JavaScript calculator that's causing some problems.

It works great when I don't use commas, but when a comma is added the calculating breaks. Also, it would be great to automatically add commas to the end result number.

The calculator can be found here: http://www.canyoncreekonline.com/amazin … alculator/

Thank you, thank you, thank you a thousand times. That was the problem. Site is working again smile

I know that putting mailto: links exposes email address spammers. Is the same true with email address w/in a url?

For example:

<a href="jarment.com/contact/name@url.com/">

Any past experience with this?

I'm about to launch a new section of our church site, but the JavaScript doesn't seem to work in IE7. It works in IE8, FF, and Safari.

Anyone have an idea what might be going on?



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I got it working now. [big sigh of relief]

Used this to fix one issue with button text: http://www.productivedreams.com/ie-not- … t-buttons/

Fixed most my other stuff by switching from absolutely positioned elements to relatively.


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HAHA! I guess I'm a little stressed out.

Here you go: http://betterlivinglifestyle.com


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I've got a problem with a new site I launched in IE7.

The logo doesn't show up on the page, and the content of some of my subpages isn't showing. It's really odd. The HTML is being outputted, and the site looks fine in IE6, IE8, FF and Safari.

My client is freaking out, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I just launched http://betterlivinglifestyle.com on Tuesday this week.

I was hoping to get any critiques or improvements you recommend. Also, the client is complaining about how the site looks in IE6 (that's what they use). I've got IE6 at work, and created a conditional stylesheet that makes it functional, but they say it's not any different. So I need an idea of how to fix it, or at least see it.

Thanks guys!


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That's probably the best solution, but I'm not totally crazy about it sad I made the change anyhow because it get's the job done until (or if) I come up with something I like it more.

Any idea if I can style the scroll bar?


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I'm developing a site for small groups at our church and I've got a box of content on my main page. The fixed-height box is too small to fit all the content, so I want to hide what can't be seen and allow the user to reveal the rest of the information with a simple button click.

I was hoping to get a recommendation on how to accomplish that as I've hit a dead end. The link below, is the page in development, and the content box I'm referring to is on the right. Do you mind taking a look and letting me know what you think, or sending me examples of other sites that you think do it well?



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You are missing your closing bracket on the anchor tag before your logo.


<h1><a href="http://www.gracenm.org/"<img src="images/logo.gif"></a></h1>

Should be:

<h1><a href="http://www.gracenm.org/"><img src="images/logo.gif"></a></h1>


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I used punypng this weekend, and I loved it. It worked great, cutting my file size between 6% - 60%. It is now a must use on every site for me.

Thanks guys and best of luck!

I'm launching a new small Groups section for our church site at the end of the month and I'm look for some feedback on the UI. Also, I'm curious how long it takes the page to load for you (in general terms). It's rather image heavy, and I'm considering switching all my PNGs over to one large CSS sprite.

Thanks in advance for your time.



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SOLUTION: I added a negative margin-top to my footer to get the footer text lined up directly on top of my background image on the HTML element, then I adjusted the position of div#bg, so that it would kiss the top of my footer.

I have a BG image assigned to my HTML element with the following properties:

html { background:#FFFFFF url(../img/html_bg.png) repeat-x scroll center bottom; }

Basically it's like a border positioned at the bottom of the page, that acts like as footer background image. It works as expected in Firefox, but Safari and IE7 treat it the same way (the wrong way, at least for me). In IE and Safari the image does not rest on the bottom of the page.

Can you guys take a look and let me know if you see something that I'm missing?




Apparently they just launched. It's got some good looking site up.

Our pastor is a HUGE fan of the UFC and we're showing the big fight tomorrow night at the church. There was even an article written on Yahoo about it UFC 100: WWJD? Of course watch UFC at the church (Click the "Buzz" button at the bottom if you like the article).

As I tell others in my excitement, I've gotten some unfavorable responses about it. What are your thoughts?


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IE6 Issues:
1. Try setting the position value to relative and top to 0px. I don't know if that will work, but that's where I would start.
2. I had no problem seeing the footer information.

Design-wise, I'd say you've got a good start. The colors are too strong for me, especially that red. Are you using the red, because it's in your logo? If so, maybe soften it too match the logo color (unless that become too pink). Also the splatters you have on the side are great touch, but I'd drop the opacity of them, along with the footer to about 1/3 of where they are now.

I like the idea of the outer glow (I think that's what you did), but I'd like to see a darker color used (maybe even use black and play with the blending mode). I think this could add some needed depth to the design.

I like your layout; it's clean and easy to follow.

Good job.


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One thing is frustrating, though...it shows this blog directory (set to hide on load), still shows on load. I have it loading through jQuery document ready, but it still doesn't hide right off.

Can you explain this a little more. Do you not want the "blog directory" drop down to show on the home page? You could use a conditional comment combine with URL segments.

For example:

{if segment_1 != ""}Blog directories code goes here{/if}

Basically that code says if segment_1 of the URL is not blank display "Blog Directory".

I don't know if that's what you're looking for.

It feels like you've got two different style fighting each other. The background wallpaper has a more grungy feels, while the gradated text w/ a reflection feels more modern. I don't think they go very well together.

Also, your text adds depth with the reflection, but the conflicts with the flat wallpaper. Maybe you could make the BG look like it's a wall and the ground, so the text looks like it's sitting on the ground.

Great start!


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Problem solved. I don't know why, but here's what I did:

I had a containing div with the position set to relative, so that I could absolutely position my other items within it. When I changed the position of that div to something other than relative, everything worked. So I added position: relative to the body so anchor my absolutely position elements.

The joys and pains of web development smile


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Added doctype and it's still no working sad Anyone else got an idea what might be causing this problem?


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I've got a hyperlink, "download", on a media player that is supposed to launch a php script that forces a user to download a file, but the link is not working. I think it's a problem with the CSS, because if I turn off the CSS everything works. But I'm not sure what is causing the problem.

Page is here: http://www.canyoncreekonline.com/mediaplayer/sermon1/