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Good question bccarlso. I think that you at least need an initial sync to get everything on there, but I guess if you don't use iTunes to buy your music or need to import a CD then I guess you would need to sync it with a computer. It would be nice to see Apple use their LaLa acquisition to implement a cloud-based iTunes or something similar.


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Well, I think one thing you have to think about is that are you going to be the only one updating the site? If so, then it's up to you if you want to use a CMS or not. One thing I like about CMS's is that they have more features than just a blog and usually have a very good community for troubleshooting. If another person is going to be updating the site besides you, even if they are a coder too, I would go ahead and implement some sort of CMS, wether it's custom-built or an established CMS.

About the WMV, I would shy away from using that format because Macs cannot automatically play WMVs. That being said, I also don't like Flash either, so I would say to use a MPEG or some universal format that most computers will be able to open up. You might want to check out HTML5 for this as well. http://www.w3schools.com/html5/tag_video.asp


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The Flash aspect, I think, is the thing that is going to turn people away from the device. I think before the tablet comes out, Apple will preview iPhone OS 4.0, and it will have Flash as well as multitasking. I don't think people care about a mouse and keyboard anymore, even the older crowd. The touch-OS is one of the easiest OS for everybody to navigate. I'm not saying that the iPad in it current form is going to be killing PC's, but it is the first nail in the coffin.

It seems that Apple, and especially Jobs, is dedicated to keeping the iPad at the front of the crowd. All of the geeks I have talked to have said the same thing that you did, but all of the non-geeks have said it is amazing, and that they will be ordering one when it comes out. The geeks are only a small part of Apple's fanbase now. The teens and their parents are their main target audience.


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So, what's your take on Apple's new device? Do you really care?

I know for one, that I see this as the next personal computer. Now, there are some limitations to it, as only being allowed to run what's in the App Store, not having Flash is a huge letdown, and not multitasking. Yet, almost all of these can be fixed with a software update, and will be. If we really begin to look at what an average person does on a computer is simply check email, browse the web, make documents, and organize photos. Not to mention, a big selling point of the iPad is the the new iBook Store, which will also add another selling point to the average user, especially people who are in college with most major textbook publishers on board. This device is positioned to the average user because of it's ease of use with multitouch, and because of it's long battery life.

Now, most of us(web devs & designers read:GEEKS!) are not really going to want one of these because a) we already have a iPhone/Touch or b) too much stuff is hindering it. We were the ones who were really wanting to be impressed by this device. We wanted something as awesome and amazing as the iPhone and instead, what we got was an iPhone made bigger. This device is not for us. This device is for our parents and/or relatives, the people who we are always complaining about having to go to their house and fix their email. With the iPad, everything is made simple for them. I truly believe that this is the first nail in the coffin for not only netbooks, but for also personal computers as well.

Call me crazy? Sure. The iPad in it's current form is not going to kill personal computers, but it is oh so very close to being able to. One thing that Apple most do is add some ports! Adapters, really Apple? I am very positive that we will see one USB and one card reader with the next iPad, along with a mini-DisplayPort. As I said before, the iPhone OS will need to have some changes, but for the iPad to kill the personal computer, it will need to run it's own OS. It will need to be able to install apps that don't come from the App Store. The process can be done just how Firefox installs third-party add-ons, warns you about how this is a third-party app, and could harm your computer.

All in all, it will be very interesting to see how Apple progresses with this device, as they are going into something blind. They seem to have more power and resources behind this than they did with the Apple TV. It will be interesting to see once this thing hits the market to see how many people buy one, and actually use it! I'm excited to play with one though!


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The font matches my website. I can sorta see what your saying, but I wanted the logo to be real prominent on the front side. Maybe I should just do one side? I feel like there is a lot of space on the contact(back) side of the card. Any ideas?


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Hey guys,

I wanted some comments and critique on a business card I just made for myself. This is the first time I have ever made a business card, so if I made a simple mistake, don't hurt me! Any and all comments are appreciated!

Front Side
Back Side


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Here's some updates. I really like this design! I gotta give some credit to Adrian Rodriguez for a lot of help!

Mock-up 2


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That looks a lot better, the only other thing I would suggest is adding some purple to the gray area, like maybe making the date boxes purple. Just some ideas, but much better than the last design.

I must agree Russell! The only thing is, when need to get some people back here! Anyways, here are my church's websites.

Church Website
Youth Website
Children's Website


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Alright, I am doing a redesign of MVP Sports Enhancement Program. I was never really satisfied with the design I had before, simply because it was very monotone and flat looking to me. (see here). Also, they have a new logo, but not designed by me.

The logo is something that's tricky in this design because it just has some weird colors and just doesn't really seem to fit with anything I tried it with. I think I may have something here with this, but I think I may not either, I just simply don't know. I'm not very good with this grungy type of design, so just forgive for that too!

Mock-up 1


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When you said you tried to use PHP in your EE templates, did you make sure you allowed PHP in the template settings?


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Ok, I see what you guys mean. I might try and rework it sometime this week. I have never really done anything like this, always have done web stuff so it's fun to experiment a little bit.


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Also, try making the navigation text bigger too! I think, as of right now, users will just miss it because the font is too small!


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I would still say change it just a little bit. I would make the gradient a little bit darker on the bottom.


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I was getting tired of my old background, so I was going to start looking for one, and then instead, I decided to design 1. I used one of my favorites verses, James 1:19-20. I didn't spend a whole lot of time on, but I was just wondering what you guys thought!



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Well, first off, anything will be a major improvement than what they got! The background for the Sub-headings (Prospective Students, Main Campus, & High School) makes it hard to read the text. I would try and rework the background somehow. Also, I would get rid of the drop shadow and the 3 boxes and just have them as hard lines instead. Good start though!


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I would agree with the comments on Flickr with the tag, but everything else looks really good! Good job, and I think all of us designers have had those type of nights!


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Well,the first thing I see is that the logo looks really grainy. I would try and get a better image for the logo.

Next thing I would say is "holy lot of text Batman!" While information is good, too much info can put the user off and just make the user want to leave the site. I don't think you need the 3 columns about the Children's and Youth Ministry.

The picture rotator needs a transition in between the pictures! Also, I would think about using that picture rotator for more than just the pictures, such as links to the Youth & Children's Ministry pages.

I like the idea for the flickr photostream. I think that you could get away with doing just 1 twitter feed instead of 3.

The design needs to be just sorta reworked. I like what you have got in just sorta of a wireframe, but I would go back into photoshop, and just experiment with all the different effects and look around at other church's websites.

I think that's the some of the biggest things I would change! Hope it helps!


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I think a different font might just make the site seem more inviting. When I see Arial, I think of a business, not really a church.

Well, we have just gone through a hiring of two Interim Directors for the position, so that would be one reason as to why the website hasn't been updated. I have talked to the two Interims and they both say they want to put info on the site, and I told them to just email me their postings, but I have yet to receive anything from them so we removed the Children's site from the main site.

I have been asked to redo the Men's Ministry website, but I am not really sure a want to do a whole stinking website, but instead do a mini-site inside of hilandpark.org for the Men's Ministry.

I do see what you are saying Les, and that is also my thinking on the subject too. I am really not too sure as to why the seven30seven site was created because the main way people know about that event is through Facebook.

I believe that the seven30seven website is fixed. I'm not really sure what you are talking about on the HPKids website, because as far as I can tell, they look horizontal to me. The hpmen site wasn't created by the tech team at church some guy from the Men's Ministry just randomly created that site without ever asking the team or the Tech Director at the church. I would agree with you that I wouldn't make a website with music ever.

I see what your saying, and I do agree with what your saying. What I was asking was is it necessary to have that many websites?

So, as of right now, my church has 5 different websites related to it. 1 is the actual main website for the whole church, hilandpark.org. Another is the youth ministry website, hpstudents.org. The next one is the children's ministry website, hp-kids.org. Next is a website solely dedicated to our young adult contemporary service, seven30seven.com. Finally, we have a website that was created for the Men's Ministry in our church, hpmen.org (I'll let you guess which one I didn't help out in.)

Anyways, my question is, do we need all these sites? I think there is a need for the youth & children's ministry website, but the men's website and the worship service site, I'm just not too sure. Now, the Men's Ministry actually just went and randomly created their website without asking our Tech guy at church. I do know that the college ministry, which is what the seven30seven service is for, is looking to make it's own name and create a website just for the college ministry, so I imagine that would replace the seven30seven website.

So, what do you think? Does your church have just as many websites as my church does? Or have you found a solution to the problem?

Hey guys, here is a logo I made for my church's contemporary worship service. Tell me what ya think!



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Hey guys, I figured I would try and make a post to jump start the forum! I have made a VBS design for my church to use this summer to put pictures and videos. The logo that the Children's Ministry is hard to design anything else around because of the colors in it. Here it is!

Design 1