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Here's a few of the church websites I've done:


Now, once I set them up and take a step back they've made some mods and I have to be honest that I didn't run any validation checks but they like it and it accomplished their goals


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It may not count but I live in Scotch-Irish country, East Tennessee in the States is crawling with decedents from Scots-Irish immigrants.  In fact a lot of our music owes it's roots to our friends across the sea.  So from a gent that wishes he were in Scotland, Hello!


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I've signed up, be glad to help if I can


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I can be reached at http://www.thepatchworkpeddler.com; my contact form is undergoing some work  so you'll have to use the phone number at the bottom of the page or contact me directly via the boards

Greetings Luke,

I've wondered for a while now why things turned out the way they did with the business I was with, now I have all this free time and nothing to do.  Looks like I'll have plenty of time to help out.  I've done a wide array of different projects; my current site is http://www.thepatchworkpeddler.com with the new 'non-flash' version currently under development at http://www.thepatchworkpeddler.com/noflash/  I've done carts, flash, design, info, blogs, cms, . . . let me know how I can help!


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The City does look cool; but we're going with elgg for now.  Mind you I do think The City will be a little more robust but not sure that we can afford the price tag, whatever it may be.  I'm a little at odds about it not being listed or mentioned, at least not that I could see.

I think it looks good personally.  The navs are fine, colors good, and icons make things easier to move around the site and keep it clean looking.  Are you using slideshowpro for your slides?

ryenski wrote:

What do you think tank?

Ok Tank, you had to know that line, "Think Tank" would come up sooner or later . . . that's clever!  :lol :lol :lol :lol


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Same here Adrian, if I can be of any help don't hesitate to ask.

Adrian wrote:

When your billing a client, do you tax them as well? I was wondering, because I didn't know if I am supposed to or not?

When you say "tax them" I'm thinking you mean a form of Sales Tax.  Sales tax is not required on services.  Thus the reason you're not charged sales tax for doc visits, etc.  If you're referring to the tax you pay on small business, as a rule I'd hold out 12% and drop it into a high interest account.  That way when "the tax man comes" if you have to pay anything you'll have the money there, if you don't then you've got a nice little refund waiting for you in that account.

FYI, I have to work a 40hr job still so my freelance work is secondary income; because I have a child the tax credit I get typically well outweighs any tax I would be charged.  Sure the refund is smaller, but I'm ok with that as I'd rather have my money being used by me or earning interest as opposed to it sitting in the governments hands doing nothing.

And in case anyone is reading this that knows of a full time, telecommute web dev position, hey let me know!  smile


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Hrm, I don't know if it's a matter of craving per say.  I would speak in regarding a church plant you just want to make sure that God is in the work and it's not just a desire of your own heart.  One of the ways this can happen is through confirmation.  Not saying it's the only way . . . just one of the ways.

frpaulas wrote:

First: Here's why there is no perfect software - as soon as we build a fool proof system, nature will evolve a more perfect fool. I know, I know, this opens me to all sorts of comments about Creation vs. evolution, but you know this bit of evolution is true. You've tried to build fool proof systems always to be confronted by a more perfect fool<GGG>.

Second: (a little more serious) I think knowing all things and being made perfect with regard to the resurrection (going to heaven) - must be understood in some limited sort of way. If we knew all things and were perfect, we would then be God. Or part of God. And I think there must be some sort of differentiation. Sure, Paul talks about being made perfect, but I think he refers to no longer having to deal with our dual nature - not that we become perfect in the abstract sense. I tend to think along the lines of now seeing through a glass darkly - and in our ultimate future seeing clearly.

God give you joy

Well put, well put . . .

I see a restoration, God's original creation returning, we were created as image bearers of the creator; then sin entered and the image was broken.  Christ's coming, death, and resurrection established a beachhead in the Fallen world.  From that point the Kingdom of God has advanced and upon Christ's Second coming will return in fullness with the restoration of creation and the image bearers.

Yea I'm with you, why would we need browsers and computers when we could just ask the source of all knowledge; I don't seriously think there will be computers there or anything, just had a spare moment and had a random crazy thought.  I do think that heaven won't look anything like we expect . . . but that's an all together different topic

Leovenous wrote:
maspick wrote:

Since all questions will be answered when we reach heaven...

Is that scriptural? Just wondering.

Without a proven scripture reference then I have a hard time believing that.  I think our concept of heaven has been a bit scewed by years of tradition instead of relying solely on scripture.  Now I'm not saying that there will be a need for browsers or computers when the Kingdom of God comes in fullness . . . but I do think our time will be spent in worship and learning more about God. 

To say that all questions are answered might be a reference, I think scriptural even, that we will find the answers then.  But to say that we'll know everything is dangerous because it could quickly lead to the idea that we would be equals with God to the point of being 'like' God.  I have spoken to some of my Mormon friends and this context is where they get the idea that a certain set of them will be able to have their own planets over which they will be gods.  I just don't see that being proven out in scripture.

Well, and I hope this was understood, there was a bit of tongue in cheek humor here.  Just a bit though.


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I think the idea of Beta also helps drum up traffic.  You could list it as a 'free beta' and put it in your meta data . . . hopefully if people like your product they will tell their friends about it.  I've never done it myself but if I were to do so I'd roll this way

So, I've been sequestered in a room for the past month or so.  At first it was great because I moved from Cubeville to a room with a door.  Early on I could use google apps to use google talk, email etc.  Alas, since I work in such a high security office I was found out and said 'holes' in the wall were quickly blacklisted and thus now I'm left to very few outlets.  Now I'm in the room for testing but there are hours, sometimes days, between code releases.  Today for example . . . I'm slowly losing my mind . . .

Thus, I entertain thought patterns to keep my 90mph mind busy.  I just over heard someone say, "There's no such thing as perfect software and there never will be"

So this makes me wonder, what will coding be like when the Kingdom of God comes?  Will IE and FF finally lay down together similar to the Lion and the Lamb?  Will we be so smart that there will be no such things as not knowing how to do something or no syntax errors?  Or would it be that the browsers would be so much better that it'll interpret whatever we code?  Both man and creation are restored when the Kingdom of God comes . . . maybe the world will all use Apache only, hrm, perhaps Windows will be swallowed into the lake of fire?  What will coding look like when the Kingdom of God comes in fullness?

Just where my mind is wandering when I wonder . . .

I was going to recommend the same to check the blog address . . . I had the hardest time getting one to work and come to find out that was the issue.  Especially if you're using something in the blog to do the uploading.


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I have not done this before but I think it'd be better to detect their client settings as opposed to approaching it from a geographical aspect.  When the header gets passed back and forth there's a line:

Accept-Language: en-us,en;q=0.5

That is sent.  This is set via their language settings on their computer and browser.  There are plenty of Spanish speaking people in the US and I'd imagine plenty of English speaking people in Mexico; so you might be better served by using this information in the header.  Try searching for information PHP redirect Accept-Language or something.


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I'm with you Adrian, I worked a steady job all my life.  Never been fired or laid off.  Then I get married, I was laid off for 10 months before finally being called back but a year later I was terminated and it was six months before I could find work.  Did a lot of learning in that period, a lot of growing as well.  I don't like not having a 'padd' as it's just dangerous.  We are called to be good stewards of our resources (which I think includes time as well as money) and I think as long as we're that we'll be ok.  I'm working a 40+ hour a week job plus my web business.  There are times I get so busy I think I can quit one and move to the other, then something comes up and the leads dry out.  LOL  My wife gave me a word that God knows I can handle this because He's the one putting me through this 'training'.  Not sure what that means . . . but it's what we live.

Do not be discouraged because there's not a ton of savings in an account some where.  Oh again, I'm with you, I'd love to have 3-6 months worth of expenses saved up in case something happens.  You'd think my 10 month lay off would have been the worst time but in all honesty we had money to make it.  We burned through our savings and got by on what my wife made . . . but it was the second 'lack of job' span that I learned the most.  No savings to pull from, wife was unemployed and just 4 months away from giving birth to our beautiful daughter.  That time taught me to rely on God and His provision.

Please understand I'm not discounting your request, praise God that you know where to look for such things.  I have and will continue to offer you up.  Don't sweat the small stuff though; be a good steward and God will always provide.  Doesn't mean you'll be rich or have a nice padding in the bank account . . . but you'll always be taken care of.

Bless you Adrian


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I don't know that I like the principle of this but here's what I edited, if I'm understanding what you're trying to do this is close:

#copyright_info {
    width: 580px;
    height: 50px;
    padding: 10px 320px 0 0;
    margin: 0 auto;


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Ok, try making your width 600px


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Has anyone ever used Silver Stripe?  http://www.silverstripe.com


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Adrian wrote:

@ThePatch, the reason I set the footer div to 100% is to get the whole background color, otherwise it would stay within the content of the footer and not the whole thing, and then I added a div in there set for the width of the content(in which there will be a right side, just not yet.) which is 900px;
so it will keep my footer centered with the background color. I don't know why I cant get it to work, I tried what ryenski said, but I couldn't get it to work.

So could you not set the footer div to be 100% to take care of the background and then created another div inside the footer div to take care of the text, maybe make the width 900px?


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Where are you defining the width of the site?  To me it's a matter of the footer div being set to 100% instead of matching what the rest of the page is.  OR you could just include the footer in the leftside content div . . . either should work i would think.