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Got my answer here - http://expressionengine.com/forums/viewthread/130554/


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Trying to follow the book... but I can't get an additional page to come up.


If you click the "Admissions" page that is where I am trying to work on at the moment. I am trying to get some pages up then come back and tweak the little stuff. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

<div id="main_nav"> 
<div id="Admissions_menu"><a href="index.php/school/admissions/">Admissions</a></div> 
<div id="Academics_menu"><a href="#">Academics</a></div> 
<div id="Athletics_menu"><a href="#">Athletics</a></div> 
<div id="CampusLife_menu"><a href="#">Campus Life</a></div>		
<div id="Alumni_menu"><a href="#">Alumni &amp; Friends</a></div>

My template group is called "school" and the template is called admissions, I thought this was right?


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.... I'm a designer not a speller... tongue


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What do you mean what I am talking about? I was wanting feedback on the site? I'm confused at your confusion.


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When laying out in the 960 grid do you need to keep the drop shadow inside the grid?

see example: http://screencast.com/t/YzFhNzU0Y2Mt


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In the final stages of this, looking forward to hopefully knocking this out over the holiday break tongue

Any thoughts?



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Nice Changes! Looking good, Adrain has a good eye wink


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new changes - http://www.thebearsloft.com/tcs.jpg


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Might want to start in Photoshop/Fireworks with Grid 960, they give you a template.

I am trying to find some great looking functional church youth ministry sites and have looked at over 500 and found maybe one that is decent, I was thinking it might be cool to have a thread on here of our favorite church, youth, and children's websites... might be a neat thread to find inspiration when needed?



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Looking good, I would get away from what is that? Birth of a Hero? Also with designing a logo make sure that your logo will work when it is in Black and White, I like the effect on it though.


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I would recommend not taking up the whole space with your words, but doing more with your background and then allowing your verse to take "stage" in a smaller area. it allows it to be better read and allows for your icons to sit on the page and be easily seen.

Here are 2 different ones I've done. one is my favorite saying and the second is our staff values, the staff values always sites on my secondary screen so I can remember them in case our pastor quizzes us again wink All and all I change my main screen every other week or so.


I am just a big fan of simplicity and less being more tongue If that helps any smile


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Here is full size, it is easier to read on here...


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Did another one for a school that moved into our church this past year, I've been very active with them coaching football and will be teaching some as well. Here is the original and here is the mock up


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Mock-up is here on Flickr

This is for a sign company Original Site Here any thoughts? I am still not sure how I am going to make the sub pages look? Maybe white text on the wood? I love clean and simple designs.

**I've been working on this all night and it's 5:47 am.... brain isn't stopping running.


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ewe papyrus...  lol

wow that was pretty sweet... that had to be some precise story boarding... Great video!


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Should we reintroduce ourselves if we are coming back? lol

I plan on working on some web projects in the near futrue and could really use ya'lls in put...
Talking to David Russell at the Dirt Conference made me remember you guys again. I hope you all don't mind me hanging around some.



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Ok I have posted here a number of times trying to kickstart Expressions Engine and what not, but here is where I am...

I got significantly far on my last attempt before being told to stop per my boss. I am the only person on staff and my main job is design. I am responsible for the website, but am given very little time to learn back end stuff. I know CSS/XHTML good enough to get myself in trouble. We need to update our site to have dynamic content that can be updated by multiple people on our staff.

I am considering taking 2-3 hours after work to develop a new site (design has been approved) on my own time. I still have yet to do a full EE site cause of time. So I want to make sure I am not wasting my time.

I have Boyink's book, but it begins off of a template and is based for a business. So to custom it I need to:

1- Design the website and layout it in a "functioning" CSS/XHTML format...

2- Then follow Boyink's book to insert the dynamic content.

right? I am not going to tell anyone at work for two reasons, 1) I have some understanding of the time it takes to do this, they have very little. ITs hard to expalin how hicups take extra time and why there are hicups, they think it should just be. 2) If I fail I lose nothing, lol....

We are going into a brand new building at the end of May...

I am hoping that by the end of this month I can tell if this is going to work or not. So please pray and help me smile Hopefully everything flows smoothly, I have already expressed my desire to have a web/IT guy on staff but pretty much got laughed at. The book was a lot more helpful than the blog (learning style) but have contacted Lynda.com to contact Boyink for a video tut tongue


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Ok these sites scare me, i'll be honest, but I am looking for feedback on iBuilt.net.

Here is the deal: I can design and code CSS/HTML and that's where I stop, I got a good bit through coding EE, but the time restraints don't allow for me to learn. We need a site that has the features we want and a back end that allows for our people to make changes. Video, Blogs, etc... We are moving into a new building and have a small cash flow... My boss asked me my thoughts on iBuilt.net and I said it seems too good, there must be something I'm not understanding.

What are your thoughts and is there another place that you recommend? Any elite developers feel inspired to work for free? (or I can guilt you like I've read pastors do to designers) "If you are a true servant of God and reap your reward in heaven and would like to help us, then let me know, we don't have enough to pay you" (Don't you love those?) Seriously not looking for free work!

Final changes? any last thoughts?

http://www.flickr.com/photos/31604258@N … -webdesign

I am pretty happy where this is, just needs a few things to pull it together, not sure its quite there yet. Comments would be great!

http://www.flickr.com/photos/31604258@N … 7/sizes/l/

Thanks guys...

Its for a church, casual atmosphere, but I just want to make sure I'm looking for the right person, using the right words?

Here is the deal I need a guy that does web development and IT work on computers. I need someone who knows php/mySQL can take my Photoshop Files or even CSS/XHTML and put it to a back end, help us take our website to 2.0 status and allow people to interact with our website, as well as smaller database based projects. That person would also help trouble trouble shoot IT issues around the office.

This is the job we are wanting to put together for a future hire, does any one have any suggestion on how to word this or additons? Maybe someone has this as a job description? Does this make sense?


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So I am trying to make a new page, I copied the home page (http://test.crossroadscommunications.org/index.php) and changed "home" to "about" and got this mess http://test.crossroadscommunications.or … treme/who/

I know its cause there is an issue in the XHTML and divs associated with the CSS, I just can't figure out what?