I'll give my clients a quote for a price based on a project and limited revisions (one or two) and then we'll swap over into hourly work past that mark.

I've found that - so far into my brief design career - having a hard number to work with but the possibility to get further revisions done is a good balance. I've gotten hosed once pretty bad on a rather open ended per-project job and won't have that happen again!

Also, get an iron-clad contract and everything in writing!


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Hey guys,

I'm learning jQuery/JavaScript for the first time and putting together an online calling card in the style of Tim Van Damme as my sandbox for it. I'm almost there, but am having a problem I can't exactly pinpoint.

The files in question:

The problem:

Notice the links in the masthead (Work Play) - when you click them from the first pane (Hello...), everything loads and dissapears just fine.

However, when you click on these links from the other two panes, the dissapearing pane gets pushed down below the masthead for a second or two (by virtue of the new pane's display attribute / class swapping) before disapearing. This pushes the whole footer/contact area down.

Obviously, that's not gonna work.

The code:

Here's a copy of my wp-switcher.js code. To all your jQuery and JavaScript pros, it's probably really nasty looking. I'll be the first to admit that I frankensteined the bits and pieces together and started hacking away until things miraculously started working.

Because I'm a noob, I'm not even sure why what I did was wrong, much less how to remedy it!

	$(document).ready(function() {  
		//Main Hello Tab Controls
		$('a#link-hello-work').click(function() {  
		$('a#link-hello-play').click(function() {  

		//Work Tab Controls
		$('a#link-work-hello').click(function() {  
		$('a#link-work-play').click(function() {  
		//Play Tab Controls
		$('a#link-play-hello').click(function() {  
		$('a#link-play-work').click(function() {  

Hey Godbit gang of hooligans,

I'm in that nasty, nasty process of job hunting and generally looking at my long term career goals and such. As such, I've been looking over my skillset and deciding what I need to focus in on in particular, as I'm tired of being a jack of all trades (although enjoy being able to fill a number of roles).

My skills have put me pretty solidly in the camp of a front-end design guy (I'm talking web standards, XHTML & CSS, accesability, semantic coding, grid systems, web typography, etc) with a smattering of informal learning in information architecture, usability, and user interface design (still confused how you actually go about learning that stuff, but I'm applying it logically to how I work).

I want to hear from some of you more experienced front end guys what you consider to be the key elements to being an awesome font-end designer and developer. I suspect I need to learn PHP and some Javascript framework (I'm thinking jQuery) pronto, but to be honest, I have little desire to be a coder / programmer. I like dealing with the xhtml and css stuff because it directly plays out how my Photoshop mockups look like on the page (yeah, I know PHP does, too...).

Any help you can throw this new guy would be greatly appreciated!

Somebody cue the Twilight Zone music!

Leo, I'm gonna be down in Salem in a few weekends for a wedding, we could hook up then, or whenever you're heading up to P-town / Beaverton, gimme a holler.

Hi, my name's Will.

I design wonderful things.

Check out my portfolio or download my resume.

If you like what you see, drop me a line, and let's get to work!


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Oh man, now you guys got me curious. I just sent an email to your church and (possible) Monk addresses, Drew.


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Ah, to the period at the end of the variable basically tells the script to, well, for lack of any technical term, skip over it?


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Hey everyone - I'm working on a new version of my website and I'm trying to work with ThickBox.

In particular, I want to remove its contraints around scrolling / placing the ThickBox window in the center of the screen and the position remaining fixed when you scroll. I need to change this because I have some larger images that are being uploaded that are taller than the screen resolution.

Also, as you will see on my site, the images now display off-center. This is expecially exagerated with the aforementioned tall images.


Thanks for any help you all can send my way - I have a long, long, long way to go in learning how to use jQuerry and such.

.. aaand now my loadingAnimation.gif isn't showing up.


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Still could use some help sorting out this php stuff, everyone. Thanks!


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Can someone who actually knows what he or she is doing with PHP help me out? I've frankensteined this code together from a couple different tutorials, and I'm getting nothing.

It's all on display at http://willphillipsdesign.com/v3/

The Forum:

	<form method="POST" action="mailer.php">

		<li><label>Name: <strong>*</strong></label> <input type="text" name="name" size="30" />
		<li><label>Email: <strong>*</strong></label> <input type="text" name="email" size="30" />
		<li><label>Email me a CC:</label><input type="checkbox" name="cc" value="Yes" class="checkbox">
		<li><label>Phone:</label> <input type="text" name="phone" size="30" />
		<li><label>Company:</label> <input type="text" name="company" size="30" />
		<li><label>Project Type:</label>
			<select name="type">
				<option value=""></option>
				<option value="project-web">Website Design or Maintenance</option>
				<option value="project-print">Print Media or Other Graphic Design</option>
				<option value="project-">Branding and Logo Development</option>
				<option value="project-">Copywriting</option>
				<option value="project-complicated">It's Complicated</option>
		<li><label>Tell me about your project. <strong>*</strong></label><textarea name="project-info" cols="28" rows="10"></textarea>
		<li><label>Who is your target market?</label><textarea name="market" cols="28" rows="10"></textarea>
		<li><label>What are your goals with this project?</label><textarea name="goals" cols="28" rows="10"></textarea>
		<li><label>Estimated Budget:</label>
			<select name="budget">
				<option value=""></option>
				<option value="budget-500-1500">$500 - $1500</option>
				<option value="budget-1500-2500">$1500 - $2500</option>
				<option value="budget-200-5000">$2500 - $5000</option>
				<option value="budget-5000+">$5000+</option>

			<select name="timeframe">
				<option value=""></option>
				<option value="time-asap">ASAP</option>
				<option value="time-2_months">2 Months</option>
				<option value="time-6_months">6 Months</option>
				<option value="time-flexible">I'm Flexible</option>
		<li><label>How did you find me?</label> <input type="text" name="find-me" size="30" />
		<li class="last"><label></label>
		<button id="submit" name="submit" type="submit"><img src="img/site/submit.png" border="0" alt="">Submit</button>
		<button id="clear" class="right" name="clear" type="submit"><img src="img/site/clear.png" border="0" alt="">Clear</button>


if(isset($_POST['submit'])) {

// Pick up the form data and assign it to variables
$name = $_POST['name'];
$email = $_POST['email'];
$phone = $_POST['phone'];
$company = $_POST['company'];
$type = $_POST['type'];
$project-info = $_POST['project-info'];
$market = $_POST['market'];
$goals = $_POST['goals'];
$budget = $_POST['budget'];
$timeframe = $_POST['timeframe'];
$find-me = $_POST['find-me'];

// Build the email (replace the address in the $to section with your own)
$to = 'willphillipsdesign@gmail.com';
$subject = "WillPhillipsDesign.com Contact";

$headers = "From: $email";
$headers = "Cc: $email\n"; 
$headers = "MIME-Version: 1.0\n";
$headers = "Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1\n";

$message = "<strong>{$name} <br />{$company}</strong> <br />{$email} <br />{$phone} <br /><br /><strong>{$type}</strong> <br />{$market} <br />{$goals} <br />{$budget} <br />{$timeframe} <br /><strong>{$find-me}</strong>";

// Send the mail using PHPs mail() function
mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers);

// Redirect
header("Location: thanks.html");

} else {

echo "There has been a problem in sending your email.";


Along these lines, what books would people recommend for learning PHP? There are so many at the local bookstore that I don't know where to start.


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Sunny San Diego! Hear cool things about that town.

Howabout you guys relocate to the Northwest and I give you a call! wink


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In my work so far, I straddle both ends of the web design spectrum focusing on information architecture, user-centered design, etc and then on web standards, semantic code, and clean design. I'm learning a bit of PHP (but still know next to nothing, ha!) and want to start picking up jQuerry more than just copying and uploading scripts.

I've worked with WordPress exclusively for dynamic sites up until this point, but I'd like to expand from WP (as much as I love it) into something more robust.

Trouble is, with my meager experience with CMS, programming, and back-end coding hijinks, I'm at a bit of a loss as to what I should investigate.

I'm thinking ExpressionEngine.

At any rate, I could sure use some feedback and suggestions.


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Hey gang,

I'm working on a contact / work inquiry form for my site and want to add a "CC me a copy" to the form and use the value the client gives as his or her email.

However, I'm a php idiot and the contact form tutorials I am teaching myself from don't include anything like what I'm looking for.

How would I add that?



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Well, since this thread is becoming a rambling sort about our business cards, I figured I might throw mine out there. wink

I like minimalism.

It's simple and to the point (and not to mention black and white, which is cheap! Ha!

I'm going one sided for these ones, as I often find myself jotting down little notes that I make regarding the connection I have with random folks and potential clients. Things we have in common, a website for them to check out, or at the very least a "Good meeting you at (PLACE). Let me know if I can help you out (BLA BLA BLA)."

Ahem, but Adrain, I can't really throw mine out there without being relevant to your actual design.

I agree with the comments about colors: The medium light blue and orange hurt the eyes. I'd also suggest darkening the blue, maybe desaturating it a tad, and keeping the orange light and bright.

That is, unless you are going for a  light and bright look to your branding. Then, I'd ditch the light blue background and find a way to work it into the design as a highlight sorta color.


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Odd, when I load your links, Chris, it doesn't show me the .jpg. instead I get redirected to your front page.


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I think he's saying to extend the pinstripes up into the blue masthead area. It doesn't look that bad in my quick three minute mockup.

I'd suggest adding some detail work to your design. Run a red border across the top to connect in with the red pic area. Use some 1px lines along the blue edges to seperate them from the red.

If you want to use rounded corners on the main white content, then echo them in the picture rotators, or vice versa.


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My only immediate critiques would be to ease off the shading a bit and to align your content to a grid of some sort.

The rotator lines up with the end of the nav, but it doesn't align wit the white content box or the content itself on the right.


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So, Chris, how'd this go?

And for my two cents, I would have approached the owner first and thrown out the idea before spending all the energy in mocking up a website.

I stay away from Spec work for what it's worth.


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I got to agee with everyone (even if I'm hopping in two weeks late) and say that it sounds like way more than a 20 hour job.

Quiz links could be handled easy enough on her own with a blog setup and categories. Same with daily devotionals.

Then map could work with a plugin with Google or Yahoo easily enough if you did some searching.

The big problem I see would be the user database stuff and eCommerce work of having users pay for access. I've never done eCommerce, and being a front-end guy, that sorta stuff's outta my skillset.

But, if you could learn to use the Map plugins, the quizes, devotionals, and maps shouldn't be that hard, as long as she's not wanting you do upload all the content as well. If she wants you to do that to, I'd say do the 20 hours for design and coding, then start charging hourly for maintainance.


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Go see a tax guy, Adrian. (I need to, as well.)


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How do I find the going rate, then?


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Consider this the second installment of my job hunt and work adventure.

As I have written, my professional history consists of working with a ministry called Chi Alpha for the past three years. During this time, I've picked up small design odd jobs, in conjunction with design work in various ways for the ministry. Now, in the process of being more deliberate with freelancing, I'm toying around with picking up a full time design job.

The trick is coming up with a resume that adequately describes what I've been up to and what I can do. It's been a mental battle describing and translating how my pastoral work can apply to the design environment and such.

I could really use some suggestions and or tips for how you guys approached your resumes. I know its a bit of a broad topic, but anything would be really appreciated at this point.

Right now, I'm structuring my resume like this:

Profile (or Summary or Objective)

Relevant Abilities
* Front End Web Development
* User Centered Web Design
* Team Organizing and Communicator - in my role with Chi Alpha, I organized teams and worked with donors and our students, etc.
* Self-Starting & Always Learning
* Print Design & Logo Development - done work in all that, too.


*Chi Alpha 2005-Present
*Freelance 2006-Present


Portfolio Address



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I'm not much help on the freelancing sites department, but if you're needing some logo and branding design done, shoot me an email.


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Or, if they choose to pay by PayPal, tack on the percentage surcharge. Granted, I loves me some PayPal, too, for the speed and ease, but there's no reason to get hosed, either.


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This is just a repost from my Flickr reply:

I like the where you're going with this. I'd add some leaves to the vines to make sure people understand it's a vine - maybe have a small sprout making it's way to the "COME."

I'd add in some texture to the type in addition to what you've got, especially on the "ALIVE," as you can see the patern repeating and that's killing me!

I agree with bruhho's first impression. Desaturate that brown and/or maybe use some sort of concrete or brick texture.