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You may also want to check out WebMedley. While it is usually 3rd party hosted, they may be able to work something out for you if running on a windows box. They handle all the user permissions you needed, and is practically "idiot proof" so a complete web novice could edit their own pages - like a MS Word interface. Plenty of features as well. Hope that helps.

anybody know of video online for that nightline story? I'd love to see it even though that was months ago


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Saw the message from Charlotte & while I love the town, hoping to find some folks closer smile  Anyone from around the SC area like Charleston, Columbia, Hilton Head, etc interested in a meetup for geekspeak w/ a chance for something outdoorsy like kayaking or an oyster roast?

I know this is an old thread but in case anyone is trolling the web with the same question, a good one to check out would be WebMedley http://www.webmedley.com. Their system does have many extra feature like you talked about that could "confuse" noobs to the web, but it uses an interface similar to your MS Word-like processors and has video help + some text & image support. On the lower end, price-wise and has a long free trial for their website builder so a church can test it out without having to break out the debit card.

While there are some alternatives like textpattern or even free options like WP and other gnu content management systems, they can be a pain to install and configure unless you have access to a ton of free help. I am a web-geek that always used to recommend the do-it-yourself approach but learned that it was a tremendous misuse of time and resources for others (and myself) to keep reinventing the wheel.  Most Churches' tech help is spread so thin, that it is worth it to splash out the equivalent of a dollar a day to have someone on the other end that you can slide those problems to.