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I can't say CF is dying, though I hear about it too often from non-CF colleagues and online articles. 

I've been working w/ CF for over 5 years now.  I absolutely love using CF as it is a perfect fit for me being one who finds himself halfway between design and development.  It is easier to use (especially if you are using Dreamweaver, as it gives code hints and whatnot) but it also is scalable and can handle huge projects if need be.  Take a look at myspace for example, they are still using CF to power their site, that's pretty impressive knowing how huge myspace is now. 

The only worry I have is how being a CF developer has put me in a niche market almost.  I mean, as I try to find a new job it is increasingly hard to find a CF job compared to the huge amounts of PHP and Ruby/Rails jobs.  I begin to feel disparaging sometimes and have to read up on Ben Forta's site to help feel better.  One thing that gets my "goat" is the job openings where they put CF in a list with other technologies required to know; .Net, Perl, PHP, etc.  Do they actually expect to find a coat of many colors developer?