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Divorce is lame. So sorry. Praying.


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Thanks for asking Monica. It's been a busy year. I finished up this semester even with all the busyness and pressure of freelance work/fatherhood. God has blessed us with a wonderful apartment that we talked about in January and we will be here for the next year and a half, or whatever is left of it.

Thanks for the prayers. The work is always stressful, because it comes and goes, and not consistently, but God is working everything out.

I am currently pursuing my passion for photography, in addition to continuing to work on web/design and God has been blessing me there as well. Just trying to get my name out there and get some work has been a bit difficult, but I think things are looking up.

This is incredibly crazy of me to ask, but hey what the heck.

Right now I am incredibly busy with freelance work/my family/school/and trying to get finances right.

I also have a website I am doing for free for a non-profit and feel so bad, because it's been in the making since September of last year. I just literally have no time to work on the free stuff, when I can't even get in enough time to study and pass my classes. Right now my grades just keep plummeting because I am so focused on having work done for my family of three that I just haven't been studying.

So, with all that said, I wanted to know if anyone out there with some solid Xhtml/CSS work, and maybe even experience with a lightweight CMS or Wordpress would be interested in taking on the development part of the project.

It's been on hold for the past two months. The PSD is completely prepared for slicing/dicing/closing.

Like I said, I can't believe I am asking this, but I did.


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Miracle happened on moving btw. We found a much better place than that and it's even lesser of a rental. Of course, things come and try and ruin it, but I won't be the bearer of bad news tonight.


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Well lately the pressure has been added on and I think I am going to have to quit freelancing and get a job, or just do both. But I have a crazy school schedule, and just the thought of not going back to college makes people mad. So it's terribly difficult for me to get one and we need to move out soon, because the owner is selling this house.

We found a nice rental for much cheaper, and it's much bigger, but we can't cover the cost to move. So once again I need some prayers for a miracle to happen. I am pretty much hopeless.


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Montgomery wrote:

Are you connected to a good church who minister to you?
What is your mom's situation, relative to yours? Is she a believer?
How is your marriage?

Feel free to chat in IM sometime.

I am in a good church, but my wife and I haven't really found a complete connection with everyone, thanks for asking. My mom is also not a believer and so I probably should have mentioned that so that she can receive your prayers for that as well.


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I need to decide whether or not to press charges on my mom. It's going to be a long and tough battle with any route I take, but I need to figure this out soon and get it resolved. It's just going to be really tough.


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Bro I am praying for you. Love ya man. You are so strong right now and that's what your wife needs.


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The sad part about this is that every time I find something wrong, my mother is in the midst. The past month I have found out my mom has used my name several times to get phones, and canceling the accounts and of course I am the one that pays for it all. It hurts so much that she does this and I don't know how to forgive her. I am unemployed and rarely score freelance work, and all I ever do is pay bills, loans, and debt....our money is going no where and we have a 3 month old son. How can we deal with this. It freaking sucks. I just need to be set free from this and we have enough to deal with. All we ever get is bad news, all the time.


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Thanks for the words of encouragement. I needed them.


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Welcome Chelsea! You're from FL I used to live in FT. Myers, I bet it's pretty nice there right now.


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I guess I can come in and say that the second one is definitely much better than the first one. wink


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RussellBrown wrote:

Nice Changes! Looking good, Adrain has a good eye wink

Adrain? Russell we actually met and yet you still spell my name wrong tongue


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Man, I am sooo sorry bro. I will pray for you guys, and definitely pray for peace as well.


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Things are much better on the relationship side of things. Finances, as for everyone, are still in the red zone.

Thanks for praying.


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Hey man, just want to let you know I am here praying for you bro.

Is this a remote or on-site job. I meant to reply to this one and accidentally posted it on a wrong thread.

Is this a remote or on-site job?


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Thought I would mention that I have changed my AIM screename to my email: adrian@adrian-rodriguez.net and will be re-adding contacts, so if you get some kind of weird message from a stalker named adrian, and it's from my email, then you know it's me wink

Guess I should just update my info:

Name: Adrian Rodriguez
Contact: AIM: adrian@adrian-rodriguez.net; Gtalk: adrian8355; MSN: adrian-rodriguez@live.com; Skype: adrian.rodriguez8355
Sites: http://adrian-rodriguez.net, http://blog.adrian-rodriguez.net, http://twitter.com/adrianrodriguez
Status: Online all day mostly.
Topics: print design, web design, development, current events, sports, or pretty much anything.


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I have recently become a daddy, my son is 6 weeks old now and things are getting so much harder. My wife is overly worried about our finances and she has a right to be. We can't say we live from paycheck to paycheck, because she hasn't been working for over a month because so many people have been sick, and I am a freelance designer, struggling to find work, and find time to make sure I am passing my classes. My grades are dropping, and my faith is always running on low, and I always feel like I fill the tank just enough to go on for a few more days, or a week or so.

It's been a struggling balancing my life as a husband, father, designer, and christian. I need some prayer, and definitely some wisdom. Life has been stressful, really stressful, and we are hanging on by a thread as it feels like.


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Definitely praying for them.

Thanks for the comments Monica. Hehe, good to see your ie6 got pwned!
I've been working hard the past few years, most of the work you saw on the site is all work from this year alone. People here will remember some of my old sites. Yuck! Lately I have been getting more involved with print as a personal project, and want to bring my design process there into web, so that I can create more stunning websites.


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Welcome Monica!


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I tried Joomla out. It felt like the Dreamweaver of CMS'. Just too much for one CMS to me, it ad everything and nothing. Right now I have none that I use regularly, but I have been dabbling with Expression Engine and Drupal and I have to say, those are two of my favorites. Especially since Drupal as such a strong community.

I recently re-designed and re-launched my blog:


in July as a personal project to see what I can do without using Photoshop. I think it's one of my best designs and Wordpress themes. (Only designed two so far.) I started and finished it in five days.

Let me know what you guys think.

Some effects use CSS3 and it was built using the 960 grid system.