Anyone have and suggestions on styling the right side content?

Its kind of plain and I am wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. Photoshop mockup would be great wink



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Thanks for reminding me, it's been awhile. I think I will use this template as an example: …


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Hey all,

looking for an XHTML email template for an addition of our church to go to subscribers. If anyone has one that they can share please contact me.

Something simple with header, body, and footer.

We are expanding our building and for this big growth event I would like to have a nice email template for the subscribers. Something more than the text ones they are currently receiving.

Any tips/tricks?


jenkinsta [at] gmail


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I have disabled buttons on a page and would like to set the style other than the default.


Basically I am using ASP.NET button controls. I would like to style the disabled buttons at the css level rather than setting a specific class on each button. I was wondering if there is css that will do this like below.

<input type="submit" name="btnselect" value="None" id="select" disabled="disabled" class="buttons" style="width:90px;" />
<input type="submit" name="btndeny" value="Deny" class="buttons" />

    margin: 1px;
    padding: 1px;
    color: #ffffff;
    border: solid 1px #b6d6ff;
    -webkit-border-radius: .5em;
    -moz-border-radius: .5em;
    border-radius: .5em;
    -webkit-box-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #ccc;
    box-shadow: 2px 2px 2px #bbb;
    background-color: #4d5c95;
        background-color: #ffffff;

    cursor: pointer;
    background-color: #6d86bf;
    color: #000000;


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We are expanding and looking for a great CMS to use. The questions I have are: What CMS does your church use and would you suggest using it for other Church Websites? Is their a packaged solution similar to below?

We are looking at a total solution that we can expand upon, easy maintenance and upgrades.

One solution we are looking at their webplan and sermoncentral. Their CMS is custom and allows you to add custom components. I just am looking for suggestions and possible options. They have unlimited audio, video, and file storage and dedicated 24/7 support with a specific point of contact, performs all maintenance and upgrades and is reasonable in price.

Here is an example of the sermon flow: … s/1/117326

This allows grouping of sermons, notes for each one and audio or video per sermon of a series or individual sermons.

We are looking at growing into this system so we are scaling up to fit into it. Currently our member base is about 300 but we are building as we ran out of space.




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Good point @Montgomery


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Made the changes and changed a few other things, it's coming along. Still waiting for the official "About" wordage and the Ministries details. If I don't get something soon I will draft something from the handouts I have.


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Hello All...

I have been here and there and finally just got around posting my bio. I am an ASP.NET C# applications and web developer. I am also in the Army Reserves 5 active and 6 Reserves as an Intel Analyst. I am married with two kids both girls 3 and 8 years old.

I have a BSIT degree from Univ of Phoeniz and this year I have switched to a focus of Theology. I am attending Liberty University for a Masters of Divinity in Church Ministries. I don't know where that will lead me but I have internal nudges to Gods work full time. When it happens it will happen, I am preparing for it right now. I hope to use my Technology experience and education for fulfilling the Great Commission.

Some other info:
yahoo,aol, twitter: ad5qa
gmail: jenkinsta


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@rwbaker Thanks for the image, I will fix that tonight.

@DESTOROYER Excellent tips, I will make those changes as well.

Thanks much for helping me out.


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I have redesigned the site for my phase 1 progress. I am still waiting for some information on the purpose, what we believe and stuff, I should get that today and add it tonight. Please share your comments...

What can I do better? Is the color scheme ok? Layout? Enhancemetns?



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Very nice work indeed! I like the redesign thanks for posting and sharing. It's good to see the comments and progress. I think the next one I do I will take snapshots during my progress so I can share and relect back on.

I have a development and a production version. The development has lots of comments seperating sections and with a custom program I wrote it divides the sections into tabs. For production it runs and optimizes the css stripping out all the comments and other characters into a production copy.


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Ok, makes me want to take his class. Looks very fun and lots of information and learning activities. Great Job!!!

Good idea to use the amazon affiliate program. I have some of those books wink


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Sure, looks like a cool app, send me an invite and I will expand the network.



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I would agree, I removed text-align in the body and it looked just fine.


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Check these out: … templates/


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Little late but a good out of the box CMS for .NET is a little hard to find. But it has all the components to build an enterprise system. If you go over to ASP.NET there are sample CMS sites and I have used DotNetNuke with little modification. See for pretty much their out of the box solution with a free custom skin. It has role based security at the component level to the portal level. There is also plenty of components to use or create. But it is a framework change and will take some time to learn and to get use to.



Natalie wrote:

Wow, didn't even know this discussion area was here! smile

So I have this client. They're my first client, and my largest client. They're also my last full time employer. My primary contact is my former boss, the VP. Needless to say, I have a lot of stake in them, their company, products... and web site.

I've been working on a redesign/rebuild of their site for a couple of years while they've been trying to wrap their heads around the idea of a CMS. Meanwhile I've been charging them by the hour to manually change hundreds of pages as new products come out, which could easily be done in just a few minutes with textpattern. It has taken this long to finally convince them to move forward. UNFORTUNATELY... in the meantime, their IT guy decided they needed to give up the Linux server and go Windows on me.

They've never had PHP or MySQL so it was a tough enough pull to get their IT guy even talking about that. Now he's talking ASP and .NET and I'm totally lost.

For some reason, their supply vendor (which they resell for) runs on ASP and that's why the Windows server. I still haven't heard for sure if this is something that will need to integrate with their website (so far they have a sub-site as a reseller, separate from the corporate site since supplies aren't really their bag), but it would of course make sense to be forward-thinking here and allow for the possibility at a later time.

My questions:

    1. Is it possible to build a site with TXP on this set up? If so, is it more trouble than it's worth?
    2. Is there a better CMS for this setup?
    3. Is it worth talking them into keeping the Linux server (adding MySQL/PHP)? That's what I've been doing up to this point.
    4. Should I just bail on this one and set them up with an actual web development team? Remember, I'm just a designer. smile



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C.Barr wrote:

Use OpenDNS on your router, it's what my church uses.  Very easy to set up, works great, and it's free.  YOu can select the checkboxes to block all adult sites, as well as other categories, even individual sites.  We have it blocking as well so that all the youth don't get on the computers to check their myspaces out.

I use OpenDNS and for what you get it is easy and functional.


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I like it it does have that web 2.0 feel. Nice and clean, good spacing and icons- like those icons.

I will put together an idea package and post a link to them on here tonight  to bounce some ideas around. Thanks


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Hey all I am in need of some advice and or help.

I am trying to redesign our site and I am more of a programmer than a designer. If anyone has a spare minute to give me advise or help me out with some graphics that would be nice. I tossed up the header late last night but don't know if it works with the theme or what. 

I also don't have a lot of time to commit to the design by myself. The Masters in Divinity program I am in is taking much of my free time.

I am looking at something simple should I mention "web 2.0"? I know we need a new logo as I just tossed some text up there but I have budgeted for redesign of a new logo which may come soon. Actually, we have five logos, one Choice Baptist Church logo, and four small ministry logos separate of the main one. There is two themes: the main theme and the teen theme. Mainly the design consists of the background, page body, header, footer, and misc icons and graphics for enhancement and separation. All content will be provided so this should be a simple and fun project with lots of flexibility.

Again simple is better and I would appreciate any help in this as not only for the Church but for my experience as well. I would like to collaborate on ideas and show you all my notes on what we are looking for. I will give you credits on the bottom of the page of course.

Even if you are not a designer but you have good ideas and want to learn I can use your assistance and we can learn together. I will also try to document our progress and post it on a blog or website. I think it may be a great learning tool in the end all contributors will be identified and promoted. It is the least I can do.

If you have any interest please post a message in here. The current site is



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I don't like sharepoint and DNN is a form of sharepoint(use to be). However, I am doing some free work on the side and don't have much time between my work and a M.Div degree. It has all the features they require and I just need to apply a good skin. It will take a little time but I think it is good enough until I can develop something more solid. They have 6 users to be content managers for their sections and the members will use the forum, media, and blogs. It has come a long way since its early releases but I think for now it is my best choice. I want to stay away from anything not ASP.NET.



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Does any one know of a list or resource for Religious type DotNetNuke Skins?

How about a list of religious sites using DNN?




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Larry wrote:

.NET WebForms

The built-in controls are kinda neat, but they produce some of the most terrible markup I've ever seen.

Some controls are heavy and remembers controls out of the box is the quick solution. I almost never use the grid view unless it is for prototypes as well as the dataset unless I use a typed dataset and have a need for it. Most of the time I create CRUD methods for just what I need. It took me a little while to find out shortcuts like the asp:panel control renders as a div. When I found this out many options became available. Most of the controls maintain information on them like session state and control state which can be turned off to render as a normal button. It does take a little work and I would say if you build a church website or small business it may be overkill. For enterprise services to integrate with cross server authentication and authorization and other web services you need something like It also is a true OOP language and the goal is to make useful small objects that can work efficiently and be reused across multiple classes. We have several class libraries that some apps share which save up lots of time. They are compiled into .dll files and is easily updated and deployed from one location when needed. I can go on for days on the benefits.



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newmansmm wrote:


I heard some things 'bout it, but I haven't ever touched it -- haven't really had that much reason to do so.  I heard that it takes the place (?) of SQL or something of the sort.

Are you already doing stuff at work with it?  Why'd you start mucking with it (if I may ask, that is :-) ).

Here is a link for the Linq overview and tutorial.