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I actually like the design of the site quite a bit. The custom favicon looks really nice! At first I didn’t think the dirt background fit with the overall theme of the site but than I realized the idea was growing roots and it made much more sense.

I like that you put a Location map on the home page. You always want to make it easy for potential visitors to find where you’re located. To make it even easier, it would be good if users could click the address under the Contact Info section of the footer to go to a map page.

The main image on the home page doesn’t show anything if JavaScript is disabled. It would be better if it falls back to just one of the images in the slideshow for users who have JavaScript disabled (yes, I surf with JavaScript disabled by default and selectively enable it via the NoScript plugin for sites I frequent).


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The website now works in IE 6. I had a bug in the CSS for the menu navigation that caused the length of the div to be bigger than the container and IE 6 didn't know how to handle it.


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The link should work now. I had changed the file name during testing and forgot to leave a copy of the file named ie9. I'll look into using display:inline and also check out that link. Thanks so much for your help. I'm starting to feel the frustrations that all of you wise web developers have vented about with IE6. I wish 30% most of the site's readers didn't use an out-dated browser.


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This is a re-post because it was lost during the recent Godbit hosting provider switch process:

I recently took over a site that was originally coded in FrontPage with tables and spans all over the place. I took the essence of the design and converted the majority of the site so that it uses valid CSS and XHTML. The old site failed in some modern browsers but now the new design doesn't work in IE6.

I'm not a web developer but know enough to be dangerous. Can anyone point me towards some good tutorials to get the site to work in IE6 (preferably without using any hacks)? Alternatively, I'd love it if someone could look at the code and point me in the right direction.

You can view the site at http://www.isacanashville.org/.

dmarino was kind enough to provide the following response:

dmarino wrote:

It looks like you're getting the dreaded IE6 Double Margin Float bug... If you put a margin on the same side as a float, IE6 double's the amount of the margin. Example - you have a div that is floated left and has a margin-left of 5px - IE6 will render it as 10px
Two options and I suggest the first:
1. Leave it alone, IE6 is a (slowly) dying browser. Unless the majority of your users use IE6, then don't worry about it - the content degrades gracefully.
2. Have a stylesheet specifically for IE6 that changes the changes the margins to padding - or you could just do this in the master stylesheet - that way you don't need to have multiple stylesheets.

To which I responded:

mithrill wrote:

Thanks so much! I'll look in to that. At first I thought it was the dreaded box model but that didn't quite seem like the right problem for IE6 in non-quirks mode.

However, I've switched just about everything floated left so that it uses padding rather than margins but I'm still not having much luck. Other ideas?


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I continue to pray for you both. May God strengthen and bless each of you.


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I'll be praying for both you and your wife. May God bless and heal her body.

Gaming sites tend to be too busy and your site presents a clean design. Not saying that's a bad thing at all but that may be part of what you feel is missing. One suggestion I have would be to add a nice logo near the top that really displays a gaming theme. As you add more images to your posts, the site should start to have more of that "gaming" feel to it. Keep up the good work.

This isn't entirely related to the 2009 Godbit Dinner but I have a Southwest Airlines round trip flight credit that expires in a couple of months. I'm not going to have a chance to use the free round-trip ticket to anywhere Southwest flies before it expires. I don't want it to go to waste so I'm trying to sell it to someone who needs to save some money on a flight. I'm sure I can beat the cost of a last minute ticket. If anyone is interested, send me an email through the forum. It could be a cheaper way to get to SXSW.


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Thanks. I appreciate and I'm sure my friend does as well.


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One of my really good friends from work called me last night letting me know that he was going to have to miss work today for a family situation. He emailed later today and said that he didn't think he'd be back all week. He said he'd provide more details when he returned but asked that I keep him in my prayers. I'm not sure what's happened but he's not the kind of guy to miss work for something that is not very serious. As such, I'm requesting that each of you please keep him and his family in your prayers. God bless!

On my list as well.

Hi MrMasks99, what you have described is a very deep life struggle and what happened with your roommate receiving the position you thought was yours would be difficult for anyone to bear. I must say that I'm very proud that you have essentially overcome your homosexual desires with the help of God and have been actively involved in a local church. That in and of itself is a real accomplishment. Being able to recognize your weaknesses (we all have too many to count) is a great first step as is wanting to avoid the victim mentality.

You have no reason to prove your worth to yourself. However, I think you already recognize this but recognition does not necessarily mean that your feelings match what you think. I agree with what bccarlso said about living for God. If you continue to follow His will then you should have peace though struggles will always persist. Following Jesus is not the easy way of life.

I will pray for you and don't know what kind of advice to offer other than to let you know that God loves you was willing to send His Son to die on the cross for your sins. That fact really exemplifies how much worth you have in God's eyes.  Recognizing this should help you feel more confident in yourself.

Hope my thoughts were clear and that this helps. My prayers are with you.


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Thanks Yannick...I haven't heard anymore news yet.


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Thank you Deborah!


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Thanks Robert. We got an update tonight. Found it the lady was learning to ride a motorcycle (in class) and hit a truck. Broke her hip, her leg in two places, and her nose. I think she has to have surgery tomorrow. Thanks again


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My wife just received a quick phone call from her friend informing her that her friend's mother was in a really bad car accident. We don't have any other details other than that her mother is currently in the trauma center at the hospital. It sounds pretty bad and her friend just lost her father a few years ago. Please pray for their situation. I know she would appreciate it; I sure do.


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Welcome to the forum Jesse!! Based on your good looking website and the type of sites you publish, looks like you'll fit right in here.

I think it is important to read the with a prayerful heart, asking God to open our eyes to see the truth God is communicating with us. It is also imperative we read the Bible in context. For example the "100 Scriptural Proofs That Jesus Christ Will Save All Mankind" are taken completely out of context. Remember, the devil quoted scripture when tempting Jesus in Matthew 4:6.

You are correct that God wills (i.e., wants / desires) that all mankind be saved. No one can argue that God desires all to be saved. Why else would He have sent His one and only Son to die an excruciating death on the cross for sin? At the same time, why would He send His one and only son to to die if it were not required to save those who would believe in Him? So what this says to me is that it is God's desire that we be saved and that He's done everything possible to save us, excluding forcing Himself on us and providing absolute undeniable proof because that is not love and would not require faith which is the basis for salvation. The problem is we haven't done our part to come to God. He didn't leave us, we left Him when we ALL sinned. Therefore, He made it possible for us ALL to be saved. Unfortunately we're not all going to accept His plan for saving us and some will spend eternity in Hell.

Second, God doesn't owe us anything. Never has, never will. But because of His love He gives us stuff we do not deserve. Who are we to question the one who made us? Check out Romans 9:19-21

Third, I think we humans often have a misconception of God. God is holy, loving, and just. Because of God's holiness, He can not (i.e., not will not but can not) tolerate sin. Thus sin must be punished; it's why all of us deserve to go to Hell. However, God's love provided a way out through His sinless Child who came to Earth as a human and suffered the penalty for our sin. In order for us to avoid Hell, we must accept that salvation (i.e., it is not automatically granted to all of us). Romans 10:9 tells us, "That if you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord,' and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved."

I suggest reading the following articles carefully and also the versus mentioned in the above posts in context using several Bible translations (e.g., NIV, KJV, ESV, and NASB).

How can a God of love send anybody to Hell?

Will all mankind eventually be saved?

Is God biased? Is it fair to save only some?

Salvation Through Christ: A Matter of FAITH

Finally, check out the "The Problem of Pain" book by the gifted C.S. Lewis. C.S. Lewis has an intriguing life story.

I'm interested in finding a new job in information security/IT audit. I know this isn't exactly web development related but I know, trust, and respective many of the members in this forum and was hoping to gain some useful insight and advice regarding my LinkedIn profile. I understand my experience, resume, and interview skills will have a larger impact on my ability to find a new job but do feel that the image I project on LinkedIn may influence some potential employers.

So, with this in mind, will anyone be so kind as to provide me with some feedback regarding my public profile. Also, please let me know if you are aware of any good jobs in the information security/IT audit realm.

My profile is located at http://www.linkedin.com/in/mattvance

Thanks in advance for everyone's help and support!

I wasn't sure under which Forum area to post this so Godbit admins feel free to move this if you so wish.

Tell her congrats on getting published. I'm sure she's excited. I used to look at the magazine some and always thought it was neat (I think my Grandma had a subscription).

Cool. Hope she wins! You guys got my vote.


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Will, I also came across this comprehensive article about creating a great resume. Check it out at http://www.thesimpledollar.com/2007/11/07/how-to-construct-a-killer-resume-from-start-to-finish/


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Thanks Robert. I truly appreciate and they all really need some prayers right now.


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No problem. Ultimately it's your decision and you'll need to evaluate the chance of your users not using scripting vs the time investment of coding around it. Keep up the good work on the design.