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I've been away from posting on Godbit for many months, but I still greatly value this place and the relationships I've made here.  I'm going through a divorce right now and would really appreciate your prayers.  Yes, I know it is not God's heart, and I have small children... but there was too much damage in the relationship and I am just asking God to heal all of us in His time now and help me to move on.  I don't know if I'll ever enter a marriage relationship again honestly - I am very scared and broken right now. Sin, doubt, fear, unbelief... it's not fun.

I had to go to work full-time obviously (I was homeschooling my kids before), and thankfully God helped me to get a great job last Fall as designer and develper at my college alma mater...then, because of the circumstances of the separation, I decided to relocate, and again, God provided.  I'm pretty stressed right now (the designer/developer position is a newly created one), but I know that God will give me the strength to get through each day.  I'm asking you guys to pray for me as a mother, a time steward, for me to find a good church (husband is a minister, so that makes it extra difficult for me to face all of the judgment - I've been in church my whole life, wanted to be a missionary, etc.), and that I will heal and find joy again.  Thanks for letting me be real here and again for the support (not just web) that I've found here over the last few years.


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Hello from a long time away! 

Has anyone used Gantry or looked into it yet?  I'm thinking about using it for a big collegiate web site redesign...  I want to find the best way to use Nathan's 960 and work it w/ Joomla (the CMS the school is using).  I need something that will help me develop FAST and I'm new to Joomla, too. :)

Hello to all; I'm coming up from the piles of laundry with four little babies (my baby is now 8 weeks old)!  My oldest and I officially "began" home-schooling this Fall (we are meeting with several other families one morning a week for accountability in a group).  There are about 50 children in our group on Mondays, and some of them are high schoolers.  I also know other teenagers who are homeschooled currently, and a few of them have told me (or their parents have mentioned) that they would like to learn more about photography, graphic design, and/or web design over the next few years as they look toward college.

What would you guys advise as far as the beginning points for these students to learn?  Obviously I want to tell all of their parents that they need to get them acquainted with web standards.  There is one girl in 9th grade in particular I know really well, and her mom told me, "She loves to get on myspace and 'decorate' her site; I told her she should be a web designer!"  Although I'm thrilled that she has found something she likes, I would like to know how I could help steer her (and other teens) in the right direction.  Any thoughts?


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Thanks for praying!!!  Shepherd is here!  He was born Friday the 18th safely and quickly at home by the grace of God.  smile  We are very thankful!  You can check my blog for a photo slideshow of his birth and early days.  Thank you so much for praying.


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Thanks!  I have been obsessed with those colors for over a year now... everything in my house is pretty much those colors at this point - ha ha.


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Okay, I gave the header a more subtle gradient and added a little stitchy pattern along the edge... much better I think.


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Suggestion taken... paragraphs were  12px, and I made it 14px for them now... I think that looks better, too.  Thanks!


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Thanks a lot!  I moved the logo and search inward, and I agree, I think they look much better that way.   I'll play around with the header gradient or maybe just take it out altogether.  Thanks again -


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Hi everybody, I'd love your critiques of my newest project!  http://palmettohandmade.com  I am new to e-commerce in general, but I don't anticipate a huge load of business from this at first and have about 5 "merchants" that are going to commit and join right now. 

Thanks!  (still no baby here!)


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Haha - that's funny smile  Nope, we have a minivan (paid for!!!) that will hold 4 kids, and that is all my body can handle bringing into this world!!!  If we adopt, we'll just get a huge 15 passenger I guess!


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Hi all - I've been sparse here in recent weeks.  I am due in 1-3 weeks with my fourth baby; I had a few posts requesting prayer for his health in the past.  After more tests everything seems to look wonderfully, and I would appreciate your prayers for him now -- to come quickly and safely into the world!  We are, God-willing, having another home-birth, so pray that goes well.  I am so exhausted and ready to have this baby!  I am finishing up one last web project and won't be doing much design work for the next 3-5 months. I hope to use my computer time blogging and studying more about web design, though. 

Thanks for your prayers!  His name is Shepherd smile

Deborah, you're the woman.  I want to be like you.  smile

This is so trivial really, but you should think about using binary moon's custom login plugin on the login... I am OCD now about using it for all of my sites because it's a great one and quick and easy to implement - haha!


I think the site looks great!  It's enjoyable to click through smile


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Praying for you!

We live 30 mins. from our church, making the commute 2-3x / week (every day for my husband because he is on staff there).  We have found that driving far to church isn't so bad because we love our church so much.  Maybe you could stay there and just drive there, being closer to your job.

I know!  That cracks me up.  I call them ROACHES....  they are not wimpy little water bugs to me!  smile

Haha, I know, Natalie.  Anything that is faster and can run across my toes - eeeek!  Here in the South roaches are our worst enemies!


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Ooo, love the colors!   Nice.  They are a cute couple.  I think I told you, but we used to live in PC until 2 years ago - went to a lot of stuff at St. Andrews and I was a MOPS member smile at HP.


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Praying for you Adrian.

I've been there... and I mean that.

I second Dave Ramsey's stuff, although, at the time when I was most struggling, I didn't have the time or desire to read his stuff because I felt so swamped.  There will come a time I'm sure that you can get someone's help in that area and read up on all the fantastic stuff that Dave Ramsey suggests.

I know you say you need a miracle, and I believe so firmly that God gives us miracles all the time, but also sit down with your fiance and talk about what you really think you NEED.  This is where my husband and I "messed up" early on in our relationship / marriage.  We bought into the lie thinking that we HAD to have a fancy wedding, HAD to have a nice house, etc....  Thank God by His grace we ended up having a simple, less expensive wedding (and it was BEAUTIFUL because we tried to just make Jesus in all of His beauty the center of our wedding), and by His grace we have worked hard and gotten out of some messy financial storms.  I finally realized that we didn't NEED all of the clothes, the car (we used one car for a time), we didn't NEED a house with a mortgage payment over our heads.  Find the cheapest route you can go right now, and go for it.  Sell stuff.  Give it away.  Cling to the truth of His promises.  God will bless you.

Sorry if I seem curt and sorry for the all caps.  I don't usually do that unless I am pregnant and tired, and well, today I am.  Ha!

Again, praying for you...


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Hello, Knight.  I have had a crazy weekend and just got on Godbit this morning.  To be true I will say that I am thankful you are here, as this is in my opinion a fantastic place to give and receive help, learn, and support, and I pray that you will in some way be found by Christ through your interactions here alongside your quest for truth.  To be found by Christ has been, by far, the best thing that has ever happened in my life.  And, without going into many details, I will simply say that for the last several months I have done something I have rarely, if ever, done, which has been to willingly walk away from Him.  I am rejoicing today because in the last two weeks Christ has brought me back into fellowship with Him, and my fellowship and relationship with Him is sweeter than I could ever explain.

Again, welcome.


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If I can do it, Adrian, surely you can!   smile


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Thank you!


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I've read Dekker's "Three" and "Blink," and I consumed them in 3 days each.  They were really good.  I don't particularly like to read stuff that scares me, but I really enjoyed the suspense of both of those.  I haven't read "Adam" yet, but I think from the other two I could probably trust Dekker to present that subject in a way that really makes me think hard about it.

I also like all of Randy Alcorn's books... they really make me think about heaven so much and anticipate living there more.


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Hello everyone,

We had more testing this morning for Shepherd.  We are jumping with joy that the ultrasound showed absolutely nothing of concern this morning!   The markers that were shown at the last visit were completely gone this time, and all of his body parts were measuring as expected for his age.  We were praying for God to make our hearts completely ready and content no matter what, and of course we are blessed and relieved to know something definite.  We are thankful that he is developing well and is measuring healthy and strong, and we praise God for showing us this clearly!    Please keep praying that his body will develop beautifully and for the remainder of the pregnancy.  Thank you so much for praying!


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These have been informative, but more than that, just fun for me to read!  I know I am much farther down on the "work from home" scale that everyone else, but I'd love to answer, too.  You can probably guess some of my answers from our phone chats, but anyway, here goes!

For anyone reading, I am a stay-at-home mother with three small kids, one on the way, and my husband is a worship pastor.  I take on a minimal freelance work load when I am able, and I still consider myself a beginner in many ways in web design...

1. When and where do you get the most work done?

During the kids' afternoon nap (1-3:30 pm, 2-4 pm ish) I will try to get a good bulk of fruitful labor in as well as after they are asleep (7:30 / 8pm - 10 / 11pm).   I try not to work on projects every day or every night, lest I burn myself and family out too much.  We have a huge bonus room over our garage, and I will either park there or downstairs on the couch, depending on who is napping where and my mood.  Oh, and I think I told this to you before, which made you laugh at me, but a lot of times I will work locally on code or graphics in the car while my husband drives...even just around town because it takes us 20+ mins. to get anywhere!   Have Macbook, will travel smile

2. What gets in the way of your work the most?

Demands of motherhood (child wakes up from nap, diaper changes, someone is hungry, someone needs to go to the bathroom, etc.)
Also my lack of knowledge / resources... sometimes I will go around in circles forever trying to find out something that is usually fairly simple, but I get frustrated because I don't have a lot of time to learn it.... that's one reason I so love Godbit.

3. What do you do to get back on track?

A lot of times I have to make the decision to keep working and assign the kids some way to entertain themselves for the next 30 mins. - hour while I finish or just call it quits and be Mommy until I can find time to finish later.  My husband is a huge help in this way (#4...)

4. Do you work for your self or for a company, with a boss?


5. How does your family help/hinder to your working at home?

My kids are just kids... they don't know any better.  They are 4, 2, and 18 months old; they don't even know what a web site is really.  So it's really no use explaining to them what I am doing when I work smile  My husband is a huge help.  Sometimes, if I have made a deadline for a client, he will take them all away by himself to the zoo for the day, or he will just keep them at home for me and play outside, go to a park, etc.  He is amazing!  He is patient, and he can feed them all by himself and get them ready for bed no problem, etc.  I am spoiled.  smile

6. How do they feel about you working at home?

He is extremely supportive.  In late 2006 I had started my first unofficial design project, and right after I finished in January, my PC that I had for 5 years died.  He had a Macbook Pro that he used for work, but all of a sudden (overnight, really!) I didn't have anything.  That day I prayed about it, and I told him, "You know, I think God is just shutting the door for me on this right now.  I will be perfectly happy to be at home even without a computer."  I had resigned myself to the idea of completely throwing myself 100% into motherhood.  About 3 days later he totally surprised me.  He walked in the door from work, and he had a Macbook in his hand and a huge smile on his face.  "I know you have been wanting to do web design for a long time, and I think you should go for it," he said.  It was so sweet.   When I am unsure of the quality of my work, I whine to him about it, and he says, "You are always so hard on yourself.  Look at it - it's good.  Now stop complaining and finish it."  smile

7. Do you have any insights/advice for others like you who juggle family and work, from home?

a. social networking is a great tool for giving and receiving help
b. make a schedule of family time vs. work time if you are at home - this has helped me a ton since I am a homemaker, mom, and work, too -- this schedule is one I've posted recently that I go by at home
c. I'm in the process of writing out my "vision / mission statement" for freelancing from home and my priorities that I won't compromise; lately I have found myself committing to way more projects in a month than I can handle, and I must learn to say "no" to people because my family comes first.

So #8, then... How do you set boundaries and how successful are boundaries (does everyone in the house know when you're "at work")?

I have to just tell my husband how much time I need that week / day, and if he can help me, I get it.  If not, I just won't get it done.  My kids aren't old enough to understand that I need to work on the computer, and I don't expect them to yet.

Thanks for letting me join in the fun!  I hope your article turns out well!

Okay, if anyone was like me and totally in the dark, there has been a bad relationship running in the past with Yahoo-hosted sites and WordPress installation / management.  I have educated myself a lot in the last two days and have concluded that it would be easier to just get the client to switch hosts next time.  Sorry for the rant!