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URL: zcpca.org

CSS Beauty featured Zion Church back in August so you know it’s bound to be a good one. In fact, this is the kind of site that’s fun to look at with styles off just because it so easy to maneuver. You might even say it’s just as easy to find things with styles on OR off.

The markup is beautifully organized, with the site’s title first, then a welcome and service times. Next comes a link to a map and directions with an <hr /> to signal the end of the nav and header area and the beginning of the content.

In the content you have the logical sequence of story and supporting information, and then another horizontal rule to separate the footer and in the footer you see a duplicate menu to let you out of scrolling back to the top of the page.

Now the layout and graphical elements of the design are likely the reason for its inclusion in CSS Beauty’s gallery, and rightly so. Mark Priestap of Design Wise Studios (surprise, surprise) did a fabulous job on this one. He took this very simple markup and built a clean and classy flow for the information.

Up top, we get the first two things a person usually looks for when visiting a church site: service times and location information. Right off the bat we’re given the gift of simplicity, so now that we know when and where, we can head off to find out who, how, and why without worrying about how to find that other more important information.

There’s a simple welcome message and photo of the church helpful in identifying the church upon entry to the site, but then on subsequent pages those are removed to make room for the content of the text.

If I have one gripe, it’s a slightly picky one, about the images. If you hide images, particularly background images, you lose the two links at the top and the menu, though visible, loses its contrast and accessibility starts to fade a bit.

Graphically, the images are clean, shadows realistic and not too harsh, and the color scheme is calm, cool, and refreshing—everything we want from a church, right? So take a good look at Zion Church and Mark Priestap and see good design at every turn.

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  1. 1 Chris Huff

    I liked it when I saw it on cssbeauty, and I like it now. Mark definately got this site just right. And just like you said, the design is calm, cool, and refreshing.


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