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4 comments | Posted: 19 April 06 in Featured, by Nathan Smith

URL: webempoweredchurch.com

I was talking with Mark Stephenson today on IM and he dropped what I like to refer to as a chat-bomb. This is the type of passing mention that could be equated to the phrase One more thing… when used by Steve Jobs during Apple announcements. Meaning, a milestone (in my opinion) has been reached, and needs to be given due recognition. As of today, the Web Empowered Church has an XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS based homepage.

While there are still a few errors here and there, it meets the requirements set forth here at Godbit, so I felt it is well deserving of a feature in the gallery. The new site design beats the old one by leaps and bounds. What really excites me are the implications this could have for a large number of church websites. The WEC offers a “starter package” download, free of charge, to help ministries get online. While the old version was nested table-based, the new one holds a lot more promise with increased support for web standards.

It runs on a base of the TYPO3 CMS, which was in turn created by Kasper Skårhøj, a Christian who felt called by God to make a free, enterprise-level content management system to help the Church. If you’d like to know more about this system, you can check out a book review I wrote awhile ago.

Anyway, I could go on and on, but will cut this short. I would encourage you to check out the new WEC package, and try your hand at the TYPO3 TempVoila templating system. Many mega churches such as COR, Ginghamsburg and Stonebriar already use TYPO3, and the need for standards savvy web developers who are familiar with it will only increase in the future.

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  1. 1 Wesley Walser

    This is absolutely awesome, I have found that site several times through searches, and have always wished that such a prominent domain name were standards compliant. Sweet!

  2. 2 Adam Spooner

    Reading this makes me want to get my church on TYPO3 or TxP or any CMS. Unfortunately I need time like Captain Kirk needs more power.

    I’m feeling some inspiration to make time…thanks Nathan! It feels good to be inspired.


    PS – My church’s site is in dire need of a web standards make-over…and a good CMS. See what I mean? I’m not sure who made the current one, but it’s bad…really bad…no seriously, it’s bad. “I need more power, Scotty!”

  3. 3 Dennis Bullock

    Great find Nathan. This will be a valuable resource in being able to create low cost, high quality offerings for the ministry community. I see it as a win for all of us!

  4. 4 Nathan Smith

    Wesley: I’m excited too, because this means that so many more churches will be doing things “the right way,” with light-weight code and cleaner markup.

    Adam: It’s tough to “find the time” to do things. In fact, I never have. I think it’s a matter of just making time, like you said.

    Dennis: I agree, and would suggest checking out the TYPO3 CMS to anyone who is interested in working with churches on the web. It might be a bit clunky, but it would make you more marketable to large churches already using it.


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