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4 comments | Posted: 16 November 05 in Featured, by Ryan Heneise


The Rock Christian City Church just had a redesign. I liked it before, and I like it even better now.

I love the layout, and the rounded corners. The colors make my eyes happy, and I thought the images were well chosen – nice use of stock photographs, and there are a few photos that look like they must be of church members.

The navigation is really innovative – separate menus for “The People” and “The Place”. On this site it makes a lot of sense. The way the navigation is organized puts all the information just a click away, and just where I want it (except the “Homepage” link, which is on the right-hand side instead of the left). The search box is perfect, and makes great use of that space.

Another nice touch is the “Google Map Us”. Wow, why didn’t I think of that? That should become standard on church web pages.

I had very few (and very minor) gripes with this site. The graphics on the home page for the “Real Men’s Event” and “Making God’s House Great” look like buttons, so it’s a little disappointing to try to click on them for more information. Also, the home page doesn’t validate XHTML 1.0 Strict, but it would be easy to fix (hint: it’s the search box).

Overall, this is a fantastic website. It’s compelling, attractive, and well-constructed, and I am very impressed.

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  1. 1 Nathan Smith

    Ryan: Great pick. I agree, very good use of layout space / color and wording. That Google map idea is a very novel one. I did something similar, though not so sophisticated for the website of my old church. I had a link to Yahoo maps with the church address pre-filled via the URL, leaving it up to the user to fill in their’s.

    Those input forms can be tricky, so I don’t think it’s a big deal. But yeah, just wrap ‘em in something, and poof – problem solved. I use P tags usually, just because I’ve already styled them with whatever margin they need, and I like to lazily recycle my CSS. ;)

  2. 2 Yannick

    Ryan: I agree. Beautiful. A very nice design. There isn’t much I can add that you and Nathan have not said. I do like the fact that they have the service times right there on everypage, so I don’t have to go digging around to find them. It’s nice also that they managed to keep it simple and clean.

    Hehe I agree also that the “Real Mens’ Event” and “Making God’s House Great” images made me want to click as well. Despite the fact that you mentioned it, I still tried. hehe

    All in all well done.

  3. 3 Wesley Walser

    Just a heads up, John Peele over at RockBeatsPaper is a Christian. We have talked over email before, and he seems like a great guy. He is also a reviewer over that Stylegala and their company just launched last year. Perhaps an interview is in order?

    I contacted him for the first time because I saw that he was from my area (Greensboro North Carolina), a Christian, and a good designer who understands standards. Also, ‘The Rock’ is his home church if I remember correctly.

  4. 4 John Peele

    Thanks so much guys for featuring The Rock here on Godbit Project!! It is so awesome to get recognized by such a great organization.

    It is very rewarding to know that the planning and design of the site has paid off. We used page description diagrams early on in the architecture process to prioritize the content on the home and sub pages. A simple and clear navigation, the service times and directions, and the search box were tops on our list. Knowing what visitors wanted to see and know was crucial. Being a member of The Rock certainly helped in that regard.

    The traffic is already spiking! Thanks again to Ryan for the gracious review. We look forward to all you guys are doing, your site is equally pleasing and full of great content. Definitely getting added to our list!


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