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I love The Crossings’ website. Phil and Ryan at have done an excellent job putting this together. From a design perspective, detail abounds. From the intricately textured background, to the finely finished decoration on the corners of the content frame, to the subtle “weathering” on the images and other graphical elements in the content, this site was created with care.

The highlight images for each section are beautiful, though not sure how relevant all of them are to their particular section. Perhaps that doesn’t matter, they add a lot of atmosphere to the site. The organization of the site is very clear and straightforward and easy to get around. The blog has some excellent content, the right balance of serious and fun, it adds a lot of personality.

There are really only two things I would change. The welcome text – there are two paragraphs of “welcome” lingo that really don’t say much, “happy talk” as it is called by some. I think people realize that they are on your web site, because your logo, title text, and URL are very clear. Also, people don’t need an invitation to browse your site.

There is one sentence out of that pile of words that is incredibly useful: “The Crossings is a community of Christ followers gathering in the Katy area that exists to transform lives into disciples of Jesus Christ.” Get rid of everything else, and put this in large text.

Also, the “time/location” and “about the crossings” links below that text get lost at the bottom of the page. I would move them towards the top. But that’s just one man’s opinion. Overall, The Crossings has an excellent website that will serve them well.

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  1. 1 Mark Priestap

    I’ll add an amen. Beautiful design work.

    I’ll bet the happy talk is being driven by the client… nothing against clients. ;)

  2. 2 Nate Klaiber

    Love the design. It works very well.

  3. 3 Chris Huff

    Wow, that’s a nice looking site. I especially like the colors and slightly worn look to the site. Another great example of great design.

  4. 4 Tom Krush

    This is a very warm, comforting design.

  5. 5 Ryan

    Thanks for the kind words! This was a pretty fun one to do. Thanks to Nathan Smith to help get me out of the gate on the coding. It’s such a tough balance to listen to the client and push back what you think is best for them. Incidentally, the Blog is Wordpress, which was a much easier integration than I thought but the coding of Wordpress threw us for a loop. It’s an interesting solution to shoehorning a blog into a site.

  6. 6 Tim K

    Nice work fellas. Great site. Good attention to detail. The only two things I would change: The “Time & Location” and “About the Crossings” image links have visible jpg fragments on sharp monitors. I would bump up the jpg quality settings a little bit on those two images…I didn’t notice it anywhere else. Secondly, I’d add a little more padding on the image tags in the blog section. The blog post entitled “Balance? Simplicity? Priorities?” shows the need for this.

    Those are two little things. All in all…great site…

  7. 7 Josh Christopherson

    Excellent design! I love it. Colors are inviting, “worn” look is perfect, fonts match the design (very important). Many kudos!

  8. 8 Phil

    Thanks for the comments everyone! I enjoyed doing this style and trying to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere and it’s rewarding to hear that is coming through in the design. We’ll have to look into recompressing the “Time & Location” and “About the Crossings” images and the padding in the blog. I appreciate the feedback and seeing our work featured here on Godbit!

  9. 9 David Brooks

    Definitely one of the cooler sites I’ve seen lately. I really like the mix of slightly worn textures and slightly elegant embellishments (the corners and script fonts for example.) The photos were also well chosen. Good work.

  10. 10 DavidR

    Lovely site! One question/comment: the “About” and “Mission” pages shift a few pixels to the left in FF2. I wonder why? I’ve seen this on some tabs on another Wordpress based site. It “sits still” in IE, however (and Opera doesn’t want to know :).

  11. 11 Phil

    DavidR –

    You’re probably seeing the effect of the scrollbar coming up in your browser which is causing the site to “shift” over to the left.


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