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At first I wasn’t that excited about The City Church (I know, I always say that. What can I say – I’m picky!), but the more I clicked around in it the more I began to really like it. The City Church is the place where the fantastic Generation Church (which Nathan reviewed the other day) website lives as one of their ministries.

This site is very well organized, and the information is extremely useful. For such a big organization with so many ministries, the site structure is very well laid out. It feels substantial but not too big. A lot of thought must have gone into choosing content that is informative, relevant, and useful for learning, teaching, and getting involved in the church. Everything is where you’d expect it, from the audio archives to the online Bookstore where you can buy teaching material and books.

One of the things that I like most on this site is that all the ministries have audio archives. The church is apparently very deliberate about recording the audio of all their ministries, and they make all this audio available online in several formats. This is a great use of bandwidth – I wish more churches did this. The next step would be transcripts of the audio archives.

For all you standardistas out there, the home page checks out as valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional. There are a few nit-picky errors in the stylesheet, although if a browser decided to be strict about the order of values in the background property, the page background might come out in an unexpected way.

Ok, you knew the gripe was coming: I’m not that excited about the home page. It’s got too much information, and none of it tells you much about the church. The home page is more like a portal than a home page. You end up just kind of skipping the home page, but once you get past that, the rest of the site is great. I also don’t like how the Mission Statement comes up in a popup window. I hate popups, and it seems like a mission statement should be important enough to get its own page.

All in all I’m very impressed with this site, and I think it serves as a role model for other church websites and church tech departments.

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  1. 1 Sean S

    Thanks for the review! Your comments were much more favorable than mine would have been (fortunately?). The main church site is overdue for a redesign … the current design has been in affect for over a year and a half now.

    Actually, I’d really like suggestions from the Godbit community! I share your dislike for the homepage clutter—something I think I’m unable to avoid based on my leadership’s style and preference. But just because there’s a lot of content on the homepage doesn’t mean it can’t be clean!

  2. 2 Jesse J. Anderson

    A church that’s not afraid to put a “Go Seahawks” banner on their front page gets a thumbs up from me. =)

  3. 3 David Merwin

    Also, their youth ministry was just featured on CSSBeauty.

    The site:
    Generation Church

    The CSSBeauty Feature

  4. 4 Matt Heerema

    Come to church – pray for the Seahawks…


  5. 5 Sarah

    Is this website built on a CMS or homegrown? I like a lot of the features. :)

  6. 6 Sean S

    We use ExpressionEngine for the CMS stuff.


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