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7 comments | Posted: 2 December 05 in Featured, by Nathan Smith

URL: talbot.edu

This past Tuesday, I got an email from Jay Lee, Manager of Digital Communications at Biola University. He informed me about the Talbot School of Theology website. Being a seminary student myself, I have a soft spot for theological studies. Add to that the fact that this website is nearly perfect XHTML 1.0 Transitional and valid CSS, and this is one amazing website.

I would like to say that I am the first one to realize it, but alas it has already won the Web Marketing Association’s Best Faith-Based Website Award for 2005, beating out over 2000 competitors. This is a pretty amazing feat, and I am proud to feature it now again on Godbit. On the forum, I had asked if anyone knew examples of good ColdFusion driven sites. This one takes the cake.

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  1. 1 Yannick

    It looks pretty good. I really like the colours and how the navigation is done (all of them, side, and the two top ones). I also like the images and how they switch between 3 column and 2 column layouts for certain sections.

    One thing though, I’m not sure if they haven’t had much events going on recently but for the events column it looks kind of weird seeing the other two sections filled with content and the events column so short. Perhaps they could put their last 3 events there so it isn’t empty.

  2. 2 Ryan Heneise

    Talbot is a great looking site. I used to work with Jay at Biola, and it’s nice to see them getting some recognition for all their hard work. I really dig the photography on this site – it could have been so boring, but it looks like they set up photo shoots especially for the website. Definitely a very well-produced website all around.

  3. 3 David Hemphill

    This is a really solid entry to the Godbit archives. I kind of stumbled upon this site myself, searching for other things. I love the color scheme, it’s very soothing and the information is presented well.

  4. 4 David

    I have to say that this really is a good site, nice design, clean, quick and it validates. I agree, it’s a solid entry into godbit.com. There is one issue I noticed and that’s the lack of a background color on the body of the site. It’s not a big deal since most people have white selected by default on their browsers, however, if you run your browser with red as default background color (why you’d want to I don’t have a clue) the entire look changes. Still, even with that I’m really impressed by the site.

  5. 5 Nathan Smith

    David: Good catch. You’re right, little things like that tend to be overlooked because of browser defaults. I knew a guy once who had his default background set to #CCC because it’s easier on the eyes. It really brought out the sites that relied on browser defaults for white backgrounds.

  6. 6 Michael B.

    One thing: as far as accessibility goes, it is lacking. Just one font increment up, and the navigation gets shot. Two up, and a whole part of it is lost in the white. Just a little note for pondering.

  7. 7 Nathan Smith

    Michael: Excellent point. I’ll bring it to Jay’s attention.


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