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While browsing the portfolio of Airbag Industries, I came across one of their client sites, St. Gregory’s of Nyssa Episcopal Church. Greg Storey did the design, with Ethan Marcotte programming and both Ryan Irelan and Drew Warkentin in charge of development.

What immediately stood out was the colours and the texture of the site. It’s almost as if an artist hand painted it. Since the congregation make their own artwork (which you will see from some of the images on the site), it’s fitting that the site has an artistic feel to it. The historical iconography displayed on some of the pages helps to add a more classical feel and reflects a tradition of the church and it’s congregation. There are also a lot of photographs used throughout the site of the actual congregation (as opposed to stock photography) and these were taken by photographer David Sanger.

I do have a few minor criticisms. One is that on the homepage there is a bit of unused space below ‘Do it Yourself’ and ‘Get involved’. Perhaps the space could have been used to highlight something else, for example, the latest sermon, since the current link (located under the ‘Come to Church’ information) feels a bit hidden. The other is that though I think it’s nice that St. Gregory’s has a video available to give potential visitors an idea of what to expect in their services, it took too many clicks to get to the video and it would have been good to just embed the video into their own site instead of sending the user to another site.

Code-wise, the site is pretty well done, with mostly valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional markup and valid CSS throughout. The only thing I wondered about was the lack of both the keywords and description meta tags. These could help with SEO.

Minor criticisms and nitpicking aside, I would say this site was very well done and I think Greg and his team certainly did a top notch job.

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