Roxbury Church of Christ

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I found this site while digging around the portfolio of Church Brilliance. I was immediately struck by its bold use of imagery. The large photo on the main page, along with the scribbled arrows, helps give it a welcoming personal touch. The colors are vibrant throughout, grabbing your attention, and helping the text to jump off the page. I enjoy the tag-line too: “Contagious Christianity.”

I like that the pertinent information is one of the first things you see on the site: service times and a mission statement. There is also the option to subscribe to the email newsletter, helping to keep the congregation informed. The site navigation could be a little more prominent, but its relative subtleness is made up for by the location on the page. They also promote a good message:

We want you to know up front that we are not a perfect church because we are made up of imperfect people. The good news is, God loves imperfect people, and we love imperfect people. That’s what makes our fellowship so special. Everyone is welcome!

This personal feel is continued throughout, especially on their staff page. This has to be one of the more unique “About Us” pages that I’ve seen. Full-height photos of are provided, including the guitar-playing pastor. While some might call this cheezy, this type of candid honesty helps to lend tangible vulnerability. This is important for churches, especially online, where the temptation is often to convey it as an institution rather than a group of people.

Overall, Sean Alsobrooks has done a great job with this site. It portrays a real church that is full of genuine humanity, seeking to serve the Lord.

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  1. 1 Larry Tomlinson

    Let me guess… Their evening youth events are called “Night at the Roxbury?” (cue rimshot)

    Overall, I like the look of the site. There are only two things that really seem out of place to me, though: one being the Alpha course ‘ad’ which breaks from the feel of the site (I imagine that space changes, however.), and two the little “Get in Touch” block extending up from the footer. That just seems totally out of place.

    Like I said, I love the site in general, and just love the bold use of photos!

  2. 2 Damian

    I really like the site too, and I agree with Larry’s opinion above. The only other things that I would add to his are: 1.) there seems to be a very slight color change around the rounded boxes that doesn’t match the background color, and 2.) I would’ve gone with a less “scribbled” arrow (just a personal opinion on that one).

    Those small things notwithstanding, I think this is a beautiful and well-executed site.

  3. 3 Carl Camera

    This one is nice — and let’s face it, it’s hard to get good photos of anyone and this site’s approach is top notch.

    I have a couple suggestions: Only the home page shows the full name of the church. Other pages, the church’s name becomes Lighthouse/Roxybury. I would include the full name of the church on secondary pages and in the title element.

    I can’t seem to find a page whose XHTML validates on this site. IDs should become CLASSes. This is a minor problem, but a problem nonetheless. Clicking on “Contribute” leads to a “Youth” page with placeholder text. Search is not working.

    The “Contagious Christianity” in the upper right is confusing in that it leads nowhere, has no mention on the home page (other than the home page image that is not clickable” nor in the mission statement, yet appears on every page. If it’s important enough to appear on every page, it should be clickable and link to some sort of explanation.

  4. 4 Lance Fisher

    Carl, I was about to ask if you had a reason for preferring classes over ids in general, but I checked out their source and it looks like they have several elements that have the same id of “content”, so yeah, those should be classes for sure.

    Overall though, I really like this site’s design. It is well-put together despite a couple of validation issues, and those picture are excellent.


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