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Rock, Paper, Scissors. We all know the game but it’s about time Rock beats paper. John and Dave Peele have been pumping out wonderful websites for some time now, so when it came time for them to redesign their own site, there was no doubt they would do a good job. Their old design was a simple single page website but with their redesign they wanted to bring out more of who they are and what they do. In the words of Dave (from our recent Interview):

With our redesign, we wanted to give people more information about us and our services. It was important to better showcase our work and get our opinions out to people, while welcoming theirs, within our blog.

I think they did a pretty good job of meeting those goals. Right from the get go they have information about one of their happy customers on the front page and their work section is nicely done. The client feedback for each give you comfort in knowing they will do a good job with your site also should you hire them. The About section is also very informative, detailing who they are, the services they offer and the process they will go through when designing your site/identity. The journal is another good addition and I am interested in reading more of what these talented gentlemen have to say.

Something that really stood out to me about the redesign was the colour. I love it, it’s definitely pleasing to the eye. They did an excellent job of implementing it into the design. The layout is also nicely done and does not feel crowded. Under the hood, they have a TXP powered engine, with valid XHTML 1.0 Strict. For the most part their CSS is also valid with only a few errors as a result of the underscore hack for some IE specific needs they had.

With all that said, good job guys and I most certainly look forward to seeing more of your work.

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  1. 1 James Mitchell

    From the screenshot it looks very cool. Just tried to go to their site and got a ‘Database Unavailable’ error. So hopefully that gets fixed and I can poke around to see the intricacies of their changes.

  2. 2 Dave Peele

    I just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for featuring our site. The article is great and we are very appreciative of the attention the we have received from Godbit as a result of your praise of our work. It is very refreshing to hear people speak positively about work that we are very proud of and passionate about.

    Godbit is a great site and resource! Rockbeatspaper is proud to be a part of what you guys are doing here. Keep up the great work!!

  3. 3 Yannick

    James: It is now back up and running.

    Dave: You are most welcome. Your work is really inspiring and I definitely look forward to seeing more of what you do in the future. Thank you also for the compliments about Gb, we greatly appreciate it.

  4. 4 Chris Huff

    It’s got a very nice layout, and an excellent portfolio. The colors are very bold (maybe a bit too bold), but they seem to work well with each other and make a bold statement.

  5. 5 Adam Spooner

    I know this review of RBP has been up for a bit, but I just wanted to share some about John Peele. I had lunch with John last month and was utterly impressed with, not only his kindness and incredible humility, but his passion for God and making Christ relevant in today’s culture. Oh yeah, and he designs some eye-tingling sites. =)

    I’m looking for to meeting you too, Dave!

    Cheers fellas, keep up the good work, and the passion for the Kingdom contagious!

  6. 6 Yannick

    Thanks for sharing that Adam. While I have never met both gentlemen in person, from my conversation through e-mail with them and through the interview I we had, I can tell that they are passionate about God.


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