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For some reason or another, I thought that we had already featured this site. I suppose it’s I’ve seen this site through its early stages, giving advice and feedback. What’s neat is that it is running on a content management system specifically suited to online ministry, called Ekklesia 360. I have used this CMS a little when Drew Goodmanson let critique and help inprove its usability.

Anyway, I digress – Enough about the system, and back to the matter at hand. The designer and client-side developer of the site, Matt Heerema works for Weblogs, Inc. and has done design for high-traffic sites like Engadget. He is also a contributor here at Godbit, so at the risk of being blamed for rampant nepotism, I am going to tell you what I like about the Rock ISU site.

The first thing that grabs your attention when visiting the site is the texture. I love the way the look of ruggedness intermixes with the clean lines. The two conflict yet compliment each other, for a sort of modernly urban feel. The next thing that catches your eye is the photography, reinforcing the notion that this Iowa State University ministry is about reaching out to real people.

To that end, they are also utilizing some aspects of social networking. Rock ISU has it’s own MySpace page, as well as photo pool at Flickr. The Rock site itself is very well coded: XHTML 1.0 Strict, tableless and relying on CSS for layout. I think that Matt and the rest of the ministry have done a great job in putting forth a top-notch online presence. I must say that if I were a student in Iowa looking to get plugged in to a strong community of believers, I’d go there.

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  1. 1 Nate K

    Just as you said, the first thing to jump out is definitely the texture of the header – giving it great attention and depth. Few glitches with the menus while checking it out in Safari, but overall a very nicely structured (and visually aesthetic) site.

    Very nice work! Congrats to all parties involved in getting this up and running.


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