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7 comments | Posted: 4 February 06 in Featured, by Nathan Smith

URL: rccjax.com

This latest gallery feature comes once again from our website critique area. It was done by Livingston & Partners, and strikes a very nice balance between clean use of whitespace and the “wicked worn” look we’re seeing all over the web nowadays. The use of polaroids adds a certain personal feel to the site.

Aside from the beautiful design, I also appreciate the edgy approach they take in their wording. They are a self-proclaimed “religion-free” church, choosing instead to focus on getting back to the basics of what Christianity is about. I tend to agree, that religion over-complicates what should be simple, and mixes politics with what should be pure.

We aim to do church in a religion-free way on the theory that religion is the height of our rebellion against God. We believe that the content of the Gospel should remain the same while the ways in which it is proclaimed, celebrated and lived out must change according to context.

On the technical side of things, this site is top-shelf. It sports error free CSS, and even makes use of the Google maps API to provide directions on the services page. They are using Campaign Monitor for their email newsletters, so I’m sure those are pretty slick as well. All in all, I just really like the feel of this site. The links are bright and inviting, and all the input forms big and usable. Quite a bit of attention has gone into the user experience, and it shows. Bravo.

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  1. 1 Yannick

    I agree with you Nathan. Definitely a nicely done site. I like the logo too.

    Keep up the good work Jon & partners. :)

  2. 2 Blair Miller

    It’s a nice site, but the first thing that popped into my head when I saw it was “37Signals.”

  3. 3 nate klaiber

    The type and some of the styles did remind me a bit of the 37 signals site as well. However, I think it is a very well done site. Simple, easy on the eye, and quick.

    All in all I think its a great site!

    Excellent work!


  4. 4 Jesse J. Anderson

    Definitely a great site, full thumbs up on this one.

    I love the subtle mix of 37signals and “wicked-worn” grunge.

  5. 5 Yannick

    Jesse: “wicked-worn” grunge is one of your specialities Jesse, so I figured it would appeal to ya when I saw this site. :)

  6. 6 David Brooks

    I think most of what I’d focus on has been said. Nice clean code and clean design with rugged edges, a good mix of both sides. Nothing is obscured 40 pages into the site and the links are clearly labeled. You also get two font size changes (in Firefox) in both directions before things start to flip out. That’s a good thing. Yeah, I think it’s a good site, quality worksmanship. I’d be happy with that as my church site.

  7. 7 John Peele

    Great pick! This site is exactly what people have been looking for. A clean and unhindered peek into the workings and substance of a local church body. The copy is very clear and concise, it doesn’t try to fluff the church. The graphics are also very appropriate and well-placed. I read through the pages very easily and even checked directions from my house to them, so I would guess that is exactly what they would want a prospective visitor to do as well: get through the site easily and quickly and then actually visit them. Great job!


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