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I have been meaning to review this one for awhile, but am just now getting around to it. If I had to describe Park View Baptist based on their site alone, I would use the phrase “simple elegance.” The typography in the header has good weight to it, and has a lighter background when hovered over.

I especially like the subtle vignettes around corners of the main content area. The current navigation indicator is nicely done, resembling a Bible’s bookmark ribbon. Not to be missed is what appears to be an XML driven Flash photo gallery, aptly titled Our Life in Pictures. It lends a personal touch.

The site was designed by Ken Woodworth, and he has done a superb job of creating something that is both functionally modern but visually classical. From what I surmise from the footer, Ken worked individually with the Virginia church, though he works for Aten Design Group, based in Denver, CO.

I believe the pages are comprised of hand-coded PHP, as the URLs do not appear to be generated by a CMS with which I am familiar. Some of the clearly dynamic aspects include the calendar and sermon archive. If I had to take a stab in the dark, I’d venture to guess that it’s a custom CodeIgniter application, built similarly to Aten’s site itself. At any rate, it all works together seamlessly. The site is valid XHTML Transitional 1.0 and the CSS is commented nicely.

In summation, Park View Baptist is a beautiful display of how a site can be both liturgical yet approachable. It is inviting and exudes a graceful dignity. I tip my hat to Ken and any other individuals who had a hand in producing it.

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