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Months ago, Josh Read of Ainsworth Studio submitted the New Song Church site for consideration. At the time, though the design was fine, the code didn’t quite meet the requirements to be featured on Godbit (but it was very close). Since then, Josh has done a considerable amount of work, getting the doctype up to snuff and hammering out the kinks in validation errors.

I am glad to say that his diligence has paid off, in dividends. The site now validates ‘cross the board as XHTML 1.0 Strict. The CSS throw slight errors in the validator, but these are simply due to some opacity adjustments. Since different browsers have varying implementations of opacity, this is inevitable and ultimately harmless to have in your CSS.

One glaring oversight that could be improved is the use of the <title> tag on pages, to correctly identify which area of the site you are at. As it stands, there is currently no way of telling which page you are viewing, if the site is opened in a background tab, etc. This is also an issue for assistive screen readers, as they cannot properly convey browsing history to the user:

New Song Church - Tacoma, WA > New Song Church - Tacoma, WA

As mentioned before, the design is quite nice. It has a clean feel to it, and the copywriting invites further exploration by both members and visitors alike:

New to NewSong? Here’s all you need to know [,] friend…

There is good use of photography throughout the site, with photos of the actual congregation on pages such as About Us and Music. The content also appears to be fresh and engaging, on the sermons page with MP3 audio downloads.

Though sermons are farmed out to a different domain (, the look and feel seamlessly mirrors the parent site. Unless one intently watches the address bar, the end-user is oblivious to this slight of hand.

Taken as a cohesive whole, this site is very well done. It has gone from being rough around the edges, to a well polished representation of a vibrant congregation. With a few tweaks to identify the titles of each page, this will make a nice feather in the cap for Josh and New Song Church as well.

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  1. 1 Jay A. Chick

    Very nice site! Easy to navigate for a novice like myself, I feel as if I can find anything I am looking for within a few mouse clicks. Design is incredible and but not overwhelmingly abstract to the point that it looses functionality. Way to go Josh!


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