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<?php echo 'faith'; ?> (Geek humor, couldn’t resist)

I have been a long-time fan of Jesse’s work, and really liked the look and feel of his previous design. I will admit that I am always a bit in awe of (and a bit jealous of) people who can really pull off the “wicked worn” look convincingly. Others describe my personal style as “clean,” but that’s just because I’m too chicken to do a more organic looking site, lest it come across as artificial. The one thing that kept me from featuring his previous site here was an image map in the header, which he has since done away with (sorry, I’m nit-picky).

In so doing, he has also kicked the rest of the site up a notch. I love the way that the body background sort of flows throughout the whole of the site, like a wild and untamed force of nature. I am also quite fond of the way he has worked the skyline of Seattle into the overall design. The contrast between the golden cityscape and the deep blue of the rest of the site draws your eye pleasantly towards the header, without it being an eye-sore. The backwards “F” is also very eye-catching, creating reverse symmetry with the “E” in his logo.

He sums up the pupose of his site well, in three lines: “Faith, Design, A Relevant Life.” I also really dig the unconventional Project 1001 section of his site, in which he endeavors to accomplish 101 goals in 1001 days. It’s a cool way of both self-motivation and accountability, by making it public for people to help cheer you on. All in all, this version is a very nice re-design. If you’d like to read more about the process that went into it, check out his article here.

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  1. 1 Nathan Logan

    I also recently came across Jesse’s new site (part of the last CSS Reboot?) and was blown away. I was a big fan of the last version, but this one even puts it to shame.

    Great, great work, Jesse.

  2. 2 Yannick

    Yeah Jesse’s last design was pretty good and I must say this one takes it up a notch. GJ Jesse.

  3. 3 Mark

    Hi, I am also rather nit-picky… at least when it comes to grammar. Sorry to mention such a small thing, but “knit-picky” should be either “nit-picky” or “nitpicky”. =)

  4. 4 Chris Harrison

    Glad to see Jesse’s site featured here on Godbit. I think the new design is definitely a step in the right direction :)

  5. 5 Jesse J. Anderson

    Big props to Nathan (Smith) for helping me clean up a couple of things to get it to validate… can’t say that coding is my forte!

    Thanks everyone – I’m glad it’s been well received. =)

  6. 6 Nathan Smith

    Mark: Thanks man, I appreciate it. I can’t tell you how many times I have spelled that wrong! Man, maybe I can get Nate Logan to write me a MySQL find and replace of “nit” for “knit.” I’ll change it in this post at least.

  7. 7 Mike Montgomery

    Wow. EF is gorgeous.

    @Mark: I’m also afflicted with “gramspellarianism,” the heightened sensitivity to grammar and spelling errors. An awful thing, to be sure.

    By the way, that reminds me of the “Knights Who Say Nit”!
    (Sorry for the Monty Python reference.)

  8. 8 Chris Huff

    Beautiful design. It packs quite a punch. Awesome work.

  9. 9 Matt Sanders

    Very well done, Jesse.

    Your design is both relaxing and beautiful.

  10. 10 Jason Arnold

    Nice looking site. One thing I find troubling though is the 1000×1200px background image… It weighs in at 66kb, which isn’t that much for users on faster connections, but does add a significant weight to the page, and also renders the design somewhat less flexible to change.

    Just one more nit I suppose :)

  11. 11 Nathan Logan

    maybe I can get Nate Logan to write me a MySQL find and replace of “nit” for “knit.”

    Actually, it looks like you’re doing pretty well… Knit = 0, while Nit = 48 (and counting).


  12. 12 Nathan Smith

    Haha, nice one! Nate, partial word matches don’t count, you know that! Oh that Textpattern would have a better native search function. Blessed be the glorious day that introduces TXP comment searching too (hasn’t happened yet).

  13. 13 Jesse J. Anderson

    Jason – yah I did try to cut that down as much as possible but I felt that the sacrifice of having a large graphic was worth it to complete the look.

    I didn’t want to just leave users with a slow modem hangin so I made sure that the site was completely legible while graphics are still loading – even with all images disabled the site is still completely usable. Actually with all graphics disabled the only part of that site that looks out of place is the menu, even though it is still perfectly functional.

  14. 14 Nate Klaiber

    Excellent job Jesse. I like the contrast and the colors used. The text is very easy to read and the navigation is very straightforward and simple.

    I did not see the previous site that you created, but this one looks great!

    Keep up the awesome work!


  15. 15 Min Tran

    The site looks great, I really like the grunge style with excellent graphic, and original color scheme .

    Things I don’t like is the typography, looks (a bit) clustered. Why ? you used 4-5 colors in one section, with 3-4 different text size, that hurts my eyes. (yes, I do not enjoy the site behind the glasses :) )

    The borders around the quotations don’t work fine for me, it’s too heavy.

    When I scroll down, I don’t see anything as good as the header does. I think you should pay attention on the rest, like the amazing work you did for the header.

    Min Tran

  16. 16 Jason Arnold


    Thanks for sharing your rationale behind the design decision.


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