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Cornerstone Fellowship was first brought to my attention via a submission from one of our community members. The site was designed by Harold Emsheimer and developed by Noah Stokes and just browsing through their respective portfolios, this site is just one of many other well designed and developed websites that they have each worked on.

The site is nice and friendly and the colours go well together. The subtle gradient used in the header and footer is a nice touch as well. I also liked the various header images used on each page/section as it gave each a little unique feel to it.

Another plus was the ease of navigation. As the site contains quite a number of pages, it’s important that users know where they are and how to easily get the information they need. This isn’t a problem as the menus are well labelled and indicate clearly where you are with the visual change in the main and side navigation menus (something Nathan has written about in his article titled Teleporting IA).

On the “Ministries and Groups” pages, you may notice a little tab in the top right of the header image called “Ministry Menu”. I didn’t notice it at first but once you find it and click it, a menu slides out listing the ministries in alphabetical order. It’s a nifty way of giving you quick access to the various Ministries and the transparent effect is also a nice touch.

On the technical side of things, the site is powered by Osmos a hosted content management tool and has good, clean and valid front-end code for both XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS.

Job well done by Harold and Noah.

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  1. 1 Nathan Smith

    Osmos seems like a pretty cool CMS, from the way it is described on their site. Nice find, Yannick. Thanks for doing the site evaluation and write-up!


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