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I first came across College Park Church while browsing the portfolio work of Chris Merritt from Pixelight Creative. If you get a chance do take a look at the work he has done, you’ll find there are a number of good sites there, including the recently redesigned YouVersion website.

One of the things that stood out to me when I first saw the College Park website was the logo. The tree leaves above the two L’s in college adds a nice touch. The site has nice colours and the textures (both wood and grunge) add to the earthy/church plant theme. Service times are located at the top along with a Map & Directions link, Ministry guide and search. I thought that while good that it was there, the service times could have been a bit more prominent on the home page. It felt a little hidden in it’s current location. The Ministry guide slide out was also nice and reminded me of Table of Contents slide out on the CodeIgniter User Guide.

As you navigate the site you always know what’s going on at College Park Church. Upcoming events are listed in the sidebar on a number of pages and the same is true of the Latest Sermon, which is just a click away. I really liked the idea of having the “Sunday Package” which comes bundled with Sermon Audio in mp3 format, Sermon Manuscript, Study Guide, Service Bulletin and News & Opportunities.

Behind the scenes the site uses the Ekklesia 360 Church Content Management System which has proven itself to be a very good CMS for many churches as can be seen in the Ekklesia portfolio. The site strives for XHTML 1.0 Strict and while there are a few errors here and there, for the most part the code is well written and standards compliant. The same is true of their CSS, with most of the errors due to hacks to play nice with Internet Explorer.

Hats off to Chris Merritt and all who were involved in the design/development of the College Park Church website.

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  1. 1 Drew Goodmanson

    Congrats Chris on work well done. This site has gone on to inspire many new church websites, particularly the use of the ministry drop-down. Excellent design!

  2. 2 Matt

    Very nice looking site. I was a bit surprised to see Ekklesia 360 under the hood but I’m not sure why. I guess, I just wasn’t as familiar with that ChCMS as I should have been. The one other thing I’d mention is that the Ministry guide slide doesn’t work when JavaScript is disabled. However, the rest of the site seems to play pretty nice without it.

  3. 3 Nathan Smith

    Drew: Without diminishing the awesomeness of this site, to be fair, I believe Chris Merritt designed his first ministry drop-down for Stonebriar. So, one could say that site inspired a lot of the work in the Ekklesia portfolio. :)

    Regardless, Chris has continued to raise the bar for church sites as a whole.

  4. 4 Drew Goodmanson

    No worries Nathan, Stonebriar is an amazing site and worthy of the inspiration. Not many use it in the Ekklesia Portfolio but I’ve seen a lot of recent sites use this technique. Congrats to both of you on your continued design contribution to the church.

  5. 5 Nathan Smith

    Yeah, I mean – Either way, it’s still Chris Merritt as “the man” when it comes to amazing ministry designs. I just figured I’d track it back to the point of origin, so to speak, for posterity. Digging further back though, I first saw it here…

    So, not like I was being über original with the Stonebriar concept. :)


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