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I spotted this site awhile ago (though I forget where/how), but am just now getting around to doing a write-up. It was done by talented designer Scott Bom of Wishingline. It is nice to see a “classic” looking site, and it seems to blend well with what the church is about.

The site has very liturgical look, and makes good use of serif typography to create a vintage feeling. There are also subtle touches like leafage on the edges of horizontal lines, and crosses with arms of equal length in the navigation. For a bit of trivia, this is called crux immissa quadrata in Greek Latin.

The photography throughout this site are of the actual church and congregation, a big plus in my book for any community site. The tone of the pictures is formal, but also quite lighthearted. I like that none of the photos are of the church itself, except for on the About page – which is to be expected. This is the one requisite photo, so people know what to look for as new attendees.

In that same vein, there is also a nice interactive map to aid newcomers in navigating their way to Sunday worship. I also like that RSS and Atom feeds are made available for community events, enabling people to stay in the loop more readily. Overall, this is a solid design effort – quaint, friendly, inviting.

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  1. 1 Tobi

    Just one sidenote: crux immissa quadrata is not a greek, but a latin term… ;-)

  2. 2 Scott

    Thanks for the writeup Nathan.

    The overriding importance of the site for the church was simplicity and ease of maintenance. The previous site lacked a real sense of purpose, structure and design polish, so I tried to instill a few classic touches to the site to make it appealing and inviting.

    The project was turned around very quickly and while not perfect by any means, the church has been very pleased with it and actually just contacted me regarding some additional community-focused features they want to add as well as updating some of the photography which is now a little bit dated.

  3. 3 Nathan Smith

    Tobi: Whoops, bit of a typo there. Thanks for the catch, now corrected.


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