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URL: cefeasttexas.com

My wife, whom is on the way to becoming a licensed professional counselor and aspires to work in children’s counseling, initially told me about Child Evangelism Fellowship. A quick Google search turned up one of their local chapters, CEF East Texas. After looking around this site for awhile, it became apparent to me that it was very well done: flawless XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS. I noticed in the credits that Keegan Jones was the designer / coder of the site.

I hadn’t talked to Keegan in awhile, since interviewing him awhile ago. He has since moved to Texas and works with the guys at Firewheel Design along with designer Josh Williams, whom was also interviewed here at Godbit. Anyway, enough background story and on to why the CEF East Texas site so cool.

First of all, the site feels very “grassroots” in its approach. There are photos of caring people helping real kids with real needs. The typography is nicely done, and the navigation is easy to use. I am also fond of the subtle, sideways blue text indicating sections of the main page. I only have a few suggestions.

While yellow highlighting helps draw attention to links, it is perhaps a bit overused as emphasis where links are not involved. This leads to a bit of confusion as to what is and is not a link. Also, I would use an unordered list for instances like the About page, instead of multiple line-breaks. An <ul> is more semantic, and would offer more control over spacing than <br />.

Overall though, the site exudes a cozy and trustworthy atmosphere. It is exactly the look and feel appropriate for an organization focused on helping youth. It is concise, yet doesn’t feel like just another brochure site.

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