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The Biola Undergraduate website was first brought to my attention via a post on our forums. Dave Lowe who we recently interviewed (Read: Part 1 and Part 2) is one of the web developers at Biola University who played a role in the redesign and I must say he and his team did a wonderful job.

Biola University’s Undergraduate site breaks away from the norm. Generally University/College websites tend to be a bit more corporate looking, but this site is far from it. Without even going too deep into the site, I already want to fill out an application form and enrol. The design is fantastic and gives the feeling that Biola is a fun and interesting place to be. The various illustrations and photographs do an excellent job of bringing this across. The site is well laid out and very easy to navigate. The colour scheme is also very nice. I think Natalie Jost said it best:

It’s calming but the red, orange and other warm (but still neutral) shades give life to the site.

The site’s front-end code is XHTML Strict 1.0, with very few if any errors found by the W3C Validator. The are a few errors in the CSS, some of which are from the Thickbox stylesheet which uses the -moz-opacity property. The site is also currently using Adobe Cold Fusion as it’s server-side technology, though I know Dave would love to use Django, a Python based framework in the future.

To sum it all up Biola’s Undergraduate site truly sets itself apart from other University/College sites I’ve seen and it is evident that the redesign was well thought out and a lot of time and care was taken. Great job by all involved.

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