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The new Barbour Publishing House site was launched quite awhile ago, but for some reason escaped my attention up until now. It was designed by the team at Clear Function and was coded by Nate Klaiber while he was an employee at Barbour (Nate has since joined Clear Function as Marketing Director).

The site feels clean and friendly, with subtle use of texture throughout. The treatment on the logo gives the impression of an aged book, perhaps a reliable tome that has been well-read. The site’s content is well organized, in a relational manner. This allows for browsing their selections via several different ways. For instance, you can see Top Sellers, Just Released, and even create a Wish List. While this does not seem quite as extensive as Amazon’s feature by the same name, it is a nice touch not often seen on Christian book sites.

On the technical side of things, the site’s front-end code is clean XHTML 1.0 Strict and (mostly) valid CSS, with the exception of a few tweaks for IE6. From what I understand, the site runs on a custom coded PHP back-end – also handled by Nate Klaiber, who is a Zend certified PHP engineer.

In summation, this site exemplifies great attention to detail and exudes a trustworthy brand throughout. Browsing through their listing of titles and authors is a pleasant experience, and they definitely have the Christian message at the forefront of their presentation. It all congeals well into a cohesive whole. Good job by Nate and the team at Clear Function.

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  1. 1 Nate Klaiber

    Nathan, thanks for all of the kind words about the site. It was definitely a fun site to work on and expand.

    The best part about the site was Aaron’s design and the flexibility it allowed as we needed to shift gears with a few sections. We would constantly be evaluating what worked an what didn’t, and could easily make changes from there. I guess that is more of a case for standards than it is a specific design, but it was a joy to work with.

    Barbour is a small Christian Book Distributor that sells directly to bookstores, and therefore we didn’t sell them ourselves online. The bookstores used the site heavily to lookup books and information. We had plans for more interaction, but they had to be rolled out with the right timing (including expanding the weak wishlist).

    Of course, it will still be evolving even though I am gone – so it should be cool to see some of the new changes they make.

    Thanks again for the kind words.


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