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4 comments | Posted: 5 May 08 in General, by Andy Knight

If you are one of the many who connect to the web on your mobile phone, then you’re also carrying the Bible around in your pocket. has recently released the mobile version of their Bible website, YouVersion. gives you a scaled-down, super-simple, mobile interface to read the Bible in eleven English and three Spanish translations. You can also view the supplementary resources that have been contributed by other members of YouVersion.

What distinguishes YouVersion from the rest of online Bibles is this extra content submitted by its members. If a verse of Scripture reminds you of a music video on YouTube, you can post it. If you’ve read a great commentary about a verse on another site, you can link it up. If a passage inspires you, you can tell everybody why.

YouVersion brings Bible study back into a community environment. In fact, the idea of “personal Bible study” is a relatively modern concept. Before the printing press the Bible was almost always read in a group setting and discussed as a group because towns and villages could rarely afford more than one copy of Scripture.

In the way of disclosure, I have been involved over the last year in the development of YouVersion. During this time, I’ve refrained from using GodBit as a forum to discuss my work, but with this mobile version release, I was too excited about it to not talk about it.

Give Mobile YouVersion a try.

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  1. 1 Peter Peterson

    I like it, I just wish the default was NIV, but it’s not hard to change it. It loads very quickly on my BlackBerry Pearl.

  2. 2 Nathan Smith

    Andy: I love the premise behind YouVersion, and want to say that you guys have done a great job with the execution. Keep up the fine work, my friend.

  3. 3 Michael Montgomery

    Excellent. Great work to the whole team.

    Miscellaneous thoughts:

    * Very clean. Did I say great work?
    * Love the “daily reading” feature. Consider me a daily reader.
    * No checkbox to set the version; just select it and move forward?
    * WEB project is news to me… interesting.
    * And thank you for choosing “serif”.

  4. 4 Adrian

    This is great. Too bad I don’t have the money for a cell phone with the internet on it. Although I do log on often and Journal or Read. Great work!


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