Web Terminology for Non-Geeks

2 comments | Posted: 6 November 05 in Tutorials, by Nathan Smith

In preparation for the IT605 Technology in Ministry class that I used to help teach at Asbury Seminary, I was thinking of how to best describe various web technologies in layman’s terms. I have tried in the past to relate my interest (read: obsession) with graphics and web to friends and family members, only to have their eyes glaze over when I get to the technical side of things.

So, at the risk of it sounding too watered-down to the veterans out there, this was my attempt to give some simple explanations of commonly used Internet terminology. So lets say that the World Wide Web is a kitchen. Or, better yet, a cafe where there is a large amount of food (info) available for consumption. Alrighty then, you and I are going to sit down and have a nice meal at the WWW cafe.

Here are the various elements that go into serving up a good meal…

So, now that we have have established some working comparisons, what do these terms mean in their more literal sense? Glad you asked…

Okay, I think that about covers it for our brief tutorial. I hope you enjoyed the meal! If anyone has suggestions on how to improve this article, or has additional metaphors to add, let me know via the comments link below.
Note: special thanks to Jonathan Snook for his expert corrections.

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  1. 1 nate klaiber

    well written!

    excellent :)


  2. 2 Nathan Smith

    Thanks Nate, glad you found it helpful. Hopefully the next time you want to explain web things to non-web people, this will give you a good starting point.


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