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3 comments | Posted: 23 September 07 in Books, by Robert Evans

The last interview I did with Geoffrey Grosenbach talked about his new venture, Peepcode Press. The first release by this new venture is Ruby on Rails Code Review and Geoffrey kindly sent me a review copy, after our interview.

Ruby on Rails Code Review is a concise, 17 topic (or chapters), that focuses on best practices when it comes to Ruby on Rails. Each of the topics are easily digestible, tidbits of information, that talk about the right and wrong ways of developing a Rails application.

The book covers such topics as ActiveRecord Mailing for a queuing mailing system instead of ActionMailer, which I found to be really cool. It also talks about the dangers of binary fields, some aspects of mem-caching, monitoring your servers and other very useful tips.

One area that I wish was covered a bit more by Geoffrey in this book, is TDD and BDD. I think testing is one area where a lot of developers often overlook – I know I have been guilty of this when I have an insane deadline to meet.

Perhaps in the future we’ll see some books covering both TDD and BDD in more depth.

There is a lot of very useful information to be extracted from these pages, and only for $9, it is literally a steal. Whether you’re just starting out in Rails or have been developing with the framework for several months or would like to support the work going on at Peepcode, this is a great book to help you get up to speed.

There is something useful for just about anyone in Ruby on Rails Code Review, so go pick yourself up a copy!

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  1. 1 Nate Klaiber

    This sounds pretty interesting. I have a few peepcode screencasts and they are excellent. The code review sounds very interesting, especially about ActiveRecord Mailing versus ActionMailer – something I am sure gets used/abused at times.

    I just finished reading ‘RailsSpace’ and it did an excellent job of covering TDD through each and every step of building their application.

    Anyway, thanks for bringing to this to my attention, gonna pick up a copy tonight!

  2. 2 Geoffrey Grosenbach

    Thanks for the review!

    Chapter 16 talks about testing and illustrates the use of the SpiderTest plugin. It also talks about using RSpec or Test::Unit to brainstorm as a part of your development workflow.

    We also have a full-length screencast on Test::Unit and a three part series on RSpec (Behavior Driven Development). The RSpec series has been wildly popular and many people have added BDD to their workflow after viewing it.

  3. 3 Leovenous

    Thats great. And thanks for keeping Ruby in our face Robert. I’m trying to scale this mountain (I’ve never really learned a real prog lang before) and every little bit helps.


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