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2 comments | Posted: 7 October 06 in Books, by Robert Evans

The popularity of RSS has dramatically increased in the last several years, due much in part to the rise of users in the blogosphere. You can grab a feed from a blog, a forum, comments, and just about anything else you’d like. It really is no surprise that so many people have gravitated towards RSS. We are a generation focused on efficiency and deeply resent anything that makes a simple task complicated and time consuming – our time is valuable. RSS and Atom in Action answers by teaching the building blocks of newsfeeds and web publishing protocols and puts them together to build useful applications that can greatly simplify various tasks.

RSS and Atom in Action isn’t primarily a developers book, and I think it would be quite interesting to those who have an interest in how one builds a news feed reader or how to publish using XML-RPC based API’s or distributing files podcast style. Sample code is written in Java and C# and the book covers Windows RSS Platform as well as Java’s ROME utilities. Don’t let Java or C# deter you from checking this book out if you have an interest in the inner workings of RSS and Atom. The code samples are fairly easy to go through, being proof of concepts, and also can spawn ideas on various ways that RSS and Atom can be used in the wild.

Here are a few highlights that I think are worthwhile to mention:

As you can see, this book covers some pretty cool stuff that I believe any serious blogger and developer ought know. It shows you how to create a podcast server, a community aggregator, a blog cross-poster, automated web publishing, and much more. While this book may seem to be for a developer audience, I think many people who are interested in the inner workings of their blog and how to expand their reader base with technology, can stand to gain a lot of knowledge from this book.

Dave Johnson, author of RSS and Atom in Action, has done a good job and presenting simple bytes to tantalize your appetite only to take you to the main course where he presents a wide range of information that is easily digestible. Even for me, not being a fan of Java or C#, I enjoyed consuming the various dishes he served and gained a lot of useful information that has broaden my thinking.

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  1. 1 Jose Mayor


    Thanks for your articles, I’m programming web sites from three years bu I discovered the power of RSS in past months. I think, with more articles like this, and others in your site, we can get more information about every day about new technologies for our work.

    (I’m sorry for my english, it is not my first language)

  2. 2 Reggio

    I’ve just recently use RSS massively, and I could say that it is a very good technology !
    very well communication inter-websites means rapid distribution of data,
    this is a technology worthy to master.


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