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22 comments | Posted: 10 January 06 in General, by Nathan Smith

MacBook Pro Normally, Apple announcements come and go, but don’t really concern me that much. I realize that iPods are cool and all, but I’m not much of a gadget person. The things that appeal to me are serious advancements in computer technology, and stuff that helps me be more productive. Imagine my surprise, when today at the MacWorld, Steve Jobs announced the world’s fastest laptop, the MacBook Pro.

For years, Apple fans have been waiting for something to come along that is on par with AMD’s mobile Athlon64 chip, and for years they have been repeatedly disappointed as Apple continually ran into roadblocks attempting to get G5 processors to work in notebooks, due to overheating. Finally, Apple got fed up with the lack of progress and fired IBM as their chip-maker.

The new Apple computers now run on Intel dual-core chips. MacBook Pro is 4x faster than its Powerbook predecessor. It retains the same classy metal alloy look, but now comes with an infrared sensor for a remote control, and includes a tiny camera for video chat. It supports up to 2GB of RAM and boasts a 7200 RPM hard drive, on-par with the speed of desktop computers.

Those are just a few of the features. For a full listing of the hardware specifications, check out: What’s Inside. I know this announcement wasn’t necessarily web-related, but the news was just too exciting not to report.

By the time Windows Vista comes out, it might be too little too late for Microsoft. There have already been widespread reports that Vista lacks innovation, and is just trying to play catch-up to Mac OSX. Does Apple seem poised to overtake Microsoft as the desktop computing standard? Only time will tell for sure.

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  1. 1 Shawn Grimes

    Drooling I am, Afford it I cannot :-(

  2. 2 Nathan Smith

    Shawn: I’m right there with you man. I think maybe I’ll start donating blood regularly or something, to raise the extra cash necessary for a dream laptop.

  3. 3 David Russell

    So this is the prize for the 200th registered forum user? :)

    Man, that is sweet.

  4. 4 Yannick

    LoL I second Shawn on the “drooling”. I saw the news today and couldn’t help but want to pre-order. Unfortunately hehe, the wallet is empty so I’d have to save up ALOT.

    Anyway it’s probably best to wait and see just how well the perform and if those users who purchase the first batch have any problems.

  5. 5 Chris Harrison

    Ack! Further proof that ‘Yep, I’m a sinner.’ Must. Covet. MacBook. Pro.

  6. 6 Jeremy Flint

    I use PC’s at work, but also have an Apple Powerbook for testing sites, as well as for working away from the office.

    After having my Powerbook (17”) for about a year and a half, I am a full-on mac addict. I don’t have a computer at the house. My PC is sitting out in the garage, never used, collecting dust. Instead, I added WiFi to my DSL connection and I just pop open my powerbook and it connects. No reconfigs necessary or anything like that. It’s all automatic.

    Anti-virus? What’s that? Spyware? Never heard of it. My Powerbook runs clean and efficient.

    If I ever do by a desktop for the house again, it will probably be an iMac.

  7. 7 Robert Spangler

    Very impressive! Only problem I see is that Apple dosen’t seem to be raving about the battery life anywhere..? I wonder.

  8. 8 Shawn Grimes

    @Nathan: Funny you should mention the donating blood thing. I have checked into that and could actually stand to make an extra $200 +/- a month doing that! So doing that for a year I could be helping people and helping myself in the process. Not exactly selfless, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do right?

  9. 9 Mark Priestap

    Nathan and Shawn…that’s not a bad idea about giving blood.

    The afordability thing is why Apple will never overtake Microsoft (unless something changes).

  10. 10 Jeremy Flint

    The other thing with the cost of a Mac is that if you look at most of those bottom-dollar PC deals, they are on the lower end of the spectrum – less ram, less video card, etc.

    Apple has quality control over their stuff and usually you will find that if you try to spec out a PC to match the power of a Mac, you will end up spending about the same amount of money.

  11. 11 Ryan Heneise

    This is embarrassing – I’ve been wiping up drool from my keyboard ever since I saw that MacBook this morning.

    You’re right about Windows Vista – from what I’ve heard it’s ho-hum. Their marketing lacks innovation too. They even have a guy that looks like Kayne West (one of Apple’s mascots) trying to help them sell music. I just posted a gripe about the Vista website on my blog.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to upgrading one of these days soon. My 12” PowerBook is an amazing machine, and I expect nothing less than surpassing excellence from the MacBook.

  12. 12 Wesley Walser

    I just wish I could download the keynote instead of having to stream it, my dorm’s connection stinks.

    Very exciting move by apple.

  13. 13 Rob

    Yeah… i’m kicking myself. I just bought a PowerBook about 6 months ago for around what these new ones are going for. DOH… i knew it was coming. What are you gonna do. Technology is always changing. I’m just happy and grateful that i have a great compter. I’ll get another Apple laptop in two years or so when there’s 18 processors in them and they can do my laundry.

    To any of you guys that don’t have an Apple or have expierenced OSX, it is WELL worth the price, especially now. It’s not perfect but it’s much more stable, fun, and user friendly than any Microsoft product.

  14. 14 Yannick

    LOL Rob, I couldn’t resist poking fun at you. I’m happy you have a great ‘compter’ lol. I think we all want to have great ‘compters’ haha.

    On a serious note though, I haven’t had much experience with Macs, but would love to. Hopefully sometime down the line I’ll buy a mac.

  15. 15 Greg Balzer

    It’s a beautiful laptop, but I don’t think Bill Gates is going to lose any sleep over it.

    Dell’s increase in sales alone last year was greater than Apple’s total MAc sales.

    Remember – market share for computer platforms (or churches) does not mean everything.

  16. 16 Nathan Logan

    In reading the specs, it looks to boast a 5400 RPM hard drive, not a 7200 RPM.

    Also, where did you hear/read that it’s the “world’s fastest laptop”? Not that I doubt that you heard/read that – I just very much doubt its veracity. That’s a very easy statement to make and a very difficult one to back up without an asterisk attached to it (even for Apple).

    Not that this machine isn’t impressive – it’s the first Mac to truly tempt me. Mmmm…pretty.

  17. 17 Nathan Logan

    Ahh, I just found it on their page under “Technical Specifications”. It’s odd that they list the 7200 option there, but not on the bottom, where they tabulate the possible configurations.

    Sorry ‘bout that!

  18. 18 Raytube

    Yep, it makes my 4 year old 550mhz powerbook feel it’s age!!!

    by the way, happy new year Nathan et al, not been on the site forums much in the last few weeks.


  19. 19 Jonathan

    I’m so glad that Apple didn’t change the design of the Powerbooks to make their new ‘MacBook’

    Does anyone else think that ‘MacBook’ is a bad name? Anyways, bad name and all, I want one.

  20. 20 Nathan Smith

    I think MacBook is a terrible name. Also, Mike Rundle had some complaints about the actual hardware of the new laptops. Read his rant at Business Logs.

  21. 21 Jon-Michael

    Macbook is so generic, maybe even childish. Why don’t they put the Macbook harware in the Powerbooks, and keep the old name?

    Regardless, I certainly wouldn’t mind one. So far, I’m $4.56 towards an iMac (had to buy my camera gear, darkroom, etc). Some day…

  22. 22 Jonathan Chan

    For the past 3 weeks I’ve been drooling over the macbook pro… STUPID NAME BTW.. but it’s the soul of the machine that matters.. It became a routine to just type in on my browser.. I’d google “macbook pro review” and read while I’m at work.. I wasn’t planning on buying it because my laptop works fine, I was just admiring it.. Lusting after it.. until a day ago.. My laptop’s motherboard got fried.. IT’s FATE I TELL YOU!!!.. My secret love affair with this machine can now become a reality (with a price). So I bought it yesterday.. And to my dismay, I have to wait until march 7th for my order to come in =(....


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