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9 comments | Posted: 22 September 06 in Tutorials, by Nathan Smith

Update: In my accessible data table example, the <tfoot> needs to come after <thead> but before <tbody>, as defined by the W3C specifications. This is somewhat illogical (foot before body), but for good reason. Sorry for the typo!

Tfoot must appear before Tbody within a Table definition so that user agents can render the foot before receiving all of the (potentially numerous) rows of data. – Source

Download: gospelcon_2006.zip (PDF, 6.8 mb)

Hello world! I am live-blogging from Gospelcon 2006, and am making my presentation on Web Accessibility available pre-emptively so that those attending my session will be able to download it and follow along. The conference has been a blast so far, getting to meet some guys that until now I’ve only talked to online. That being said, here is a brief synopsis of what is covered in my presenation…

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  1. 1 Rick Curran

    Nathan, thanks for the summary, sounds very interesting. Wish I could have ben there!


  2. 2 Yannick

    Thanks also Nathan. It is indeed a nice summary, pity that I couldn’t have been there to hear it with full details on all the slides.

  3. 3 Justin Thorp

    Is someone going to record your presentation? It sounds really good.

  4. 4 Ryan

    Wow – I wish I could have been there! You’re going to knock their socks off. Thanks for posting your presentation!

  5. 5 Larry Tomlinson

    There’s going to be a podcast on the Gospelcon site… I’m unsure when though. You can, however, see a blog post one of the Gospelcom guys did here: http://gospelcon.org/?p=55

  6. 6 Eric Atkins

    Looks interesting. I’d like to check this out sometime.

    Thanks for summarizing the event.

  7. 7 Mike Montgomery

    Excellent job, Nathan.

    How was the topic received?
    * “Yes, but…”
    * Or “Thank you for opening our eyes!”

  8. 8 Larry Tomlinson

    Just my general observation during the class: it was pretty quiet. I don’t know what was going on through everyone’s minds, but I know that I learned some things as well. Nathan’s post over at SonSpring says, “most attendees stuck around afterward for an impromptu crash-course in CSS snafus.” So I’m guessing it was received well. It also goes without saying that the church is kinda behind the times anyway… Per Nathan: “the Church as a whole is always a little bit late to catch the clue-train, so accessibility has not yet become a priority.”

  9. 9 Nathan Smith

    Mike: I think I sort of overwhelmed them with a lot of the nitty-gritty details, but that it was well recieved nonetheless. I heard a lot of people at the conference say, Paul Yuen included – “Whoa, CSS can do that!?” I think what they found most impressive was the ability to control entire site sizing based on ems, including Flash by styling the object tag.


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