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10 comments | Posted: 18 November 05 in General, by Nathan Smith

World Overview

In case anyone is curious, that is a map of the first week of visitor locations on The stat compilation hasn’t really started kicking in yet, and the site has only been online since Tuesday Nov. 15th, but it’s still cool to see the stats starting to roll in. If you want your own free stat tracking, go check out Google Analytics, and sign up. It’s really easy to add to your existing site. Surprisingly, it’s not titled Beta, probably because it’s just Urchin, recycled.

You’ll notice that among the dots from all over the world, there is a huge one on Boise, Idaho. That’s probably mostly me, logging in and out of the site, tweaking things on the forum, and making slight changes to Textpattern. I’m happy to say that this site finally looks perfect in every major browser, including Opera which was the toughtest to fix. Honestly, I don’t know why anyone would have ever used that browser. Now that they give it away free, it’s just one more headache to deal with on top of IE6.

I might write a tutorial later on as to how I went about creating a work-around for Opera’s bugginess, but for now I just wanted to show off Google Analytics, and the cool job it does of logging world-wide visitors. I’m not sure how it’s affected other stat tracking business, but I bet the guys over at Measure Map and Mint are getting a little nervous. Personally, I use Mint for my other site, but I’m loving Google’s solution thus far for Godbit.

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  1. 1 Jeremy Flint

    Mint and MeasureMap are, in my view, seperate from Google Analytics. They might see some reduction in traffic, but I doubt it will be significant.

    MeasureMap (which I have been running on my MSU Sports Site) is taylored very much to blogs. It not only tracks general visitors, but traffic to specific posts as well as comments.

    I can’t really speak to what Mint does because I haven’t used it yet.

  2. 2 Nathan Smith

    Jeremy: I think you’re right. After looking through Analytics a bit more, it seems like a pretty broad overview. With Mint, you can track just about everything, including: out-clicks exit links, local searches via CMS, screen resolution, browser version, etc. It doesn’t yet have a reliable world-map though, which is what I think is cool about Google Analytics.

  3. 3 Yannick

    I agree with Jeremy. At the moment measure map seems definitely to be tailored towards blogs, while Mint and GA are tailored for everything else. More on Measure map from me once I get it fully setup with TXP.

  4. 4 Yannick

    Took a look at some stats in Google Analytics, looks pretty cool, but it seems to be more geared towards businesses IMO. A lot of the terms there confused me at first, until I clicked on them and saw what stats they were representing.

  5. 5 Timothy Ng

    I looked around Google Analytics and found that there’s useful information under all the reports, the Webmaster, Marketing, and that last one.

    The Webmaster reports has all of the platforms, browser, and screen resolution type information. The Marketing one has the referrals and IP addresses and geographical information. That last one probably has something interesting, but I can’t recall it right now.

    The thing that I don’t like about it is that I don’t really know when it updates.

    I also hear that Google Sitemaps has also introduced some simpler stats for sites with sitemaps recently.

  6. 6 Matt Heerema

    I just installed mint on two of my sites, looks like it is going to be awesome. I’m having trouble getting google analytics working however. Any tips? I’ve added the javascript to my header as perscribed, but it says it can’t determine if it’s been added or not…

  7. 7 Nathan Smith

    Matt: Give it a few days. Google Analytics is a bit sluggish, in my opinion. Once Mint gets a Pepper that shows the world-map, I think it will be far superior to Analytics anyways.

  8. 8 Wesley Walser

    Nathan: You might already know this, but over in the pepper forms people have been trying to get a global map pepper working for a while now. I can’t wait til one of them pulls it off. (have a look at this one the guy seems to have stoped working on it though)

    I went today to add a site to Analytics and found that they have cut off new people. I saw everyone jumping on the bandwagon, and figured it would hurt to wait for a bit, now it seems I have to sit and wait for an email from google telling me that they are accepting people again. Doh!

  9. 9 Nathan Smith

    Wesley: I’d seen that early on, but wasn’t sure if it was stable / out of development yet. I’ll have to give it a try and see how it goes. I’m just a little cautious though, as Mint shares the same database as Textpattern, and I don’t want to go messing things up trying out Beta Peppers (sounds like a candy).

  10. 10 Wesley Walser

    The one that I linked never even made it to beta as far as I have seen. I mainly linked it because it’s so awesome looking. There is a new one out that uses the Google Maps API, but it’s still in alpha and people have been having problems with it. Not break stuff problems, just ‘it doesn’t show up’ problems.


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