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As you may recall, several months ago I posted about a cool new Christian conference being started up by the folks at Logos Bible Software. The 2008 BibleTech has come and gone. I am happy to say that it was an amazing experience. In a way, it felt a lot like Dallas’ Webmaster Jam Session, in that all the attendees got to know each other, and the venue had no more than two presentations running concurrently each session.

I have to say, I tend to favor small, quality gatherings over giant ones where you get lost in the crowd. At the beginning of BibleTech, nearly 100 attendees passed the microphone and introduced themselves. This was a great way to break the ice. Right from the get-go, it felt like one was amongst friends. Another nice aspect was all the meals were catered. This afforded the opportunity to sit down and talk, rather than worry about food.

While I was initially going to co-present with Matt Hereema, he was unable to make it. However, I had a blast presenting alongside my EMC coworker and fellow IA, Christian Bradford. Our topic was entitled Web Standards: Speaking Today’s Vernacular. Here’s a brief overview, since much of the material was covered verbally, and not via bullet points…

All in all, the talk went very well. I had a few typos in the slides, accidentally saying Martin Luther posted the 95 Theses to the door of Westminster rather than Wittenberg, and mis-typing Romans 17:19 instead of 7:19. I also said that Roger Johansson is from the Netherlands, rather than Sweden (whoops).

Hopefully my mistakes were forgiven when we gave away ten free books, and even more e-book vouchers. Special thanks to Apress for their generosity.

We wrapped up with a code demo built using jQuery, showing what can be done with well-formed markup and a bit of CSS + JavaScript trickery. Overall, it was a terrific conference, and I can’t wait until next year. Be sure to check out other people’s thoughts via Technorati, filed under the tag .

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  1. 1 Chris Pollock

    Thanks for posting your slides and sample. I’m looking forward to pursuing the links in the presentation and getting a bit more standards oriented in my development. I have heard standards presentations in the past, but I can say that you guys were a bit more compelling, especially in regards to accessibility. Thanks again Nathan & Christian, hope to interact more in the future!

  2. 2 Nathan Smith

    Chris: I’m glad that you found our presentation engaging, and appreciate the kind words, despite my initial typos in the slides. Hopefully there will be another BibleTech gathering next year (and the year after, etc). See you there!

  3. 3 Brian Pan

    It’s great to find people pushing the Christian community to get up to speed with modern web technology. Web technology is moving fast and having a web site that is out of date, not standards-compliant and that doesn’t use the tools available to us today makes any organization look out-of-touch and their websites not as useful as they could be.

    Great presentation!

  4. 4 Marc

    A Christian web developer’s conference? I will try to make it next year. I’m a big fan of the highly-specific conferences and not simply, “talk about web stuff” conferences – but this may be an exception. – show support to the brotherhood ;)

    Thanks for the heads up on how this year’s event was. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  5. 5 Nathan Smith

    Marc: Actually, this conference was a bit broader than just web. There were several talks on desktop Bible software, as well as mobile devices. Also, there was one about Greek and Hebrew font design. The core focus was how to facilitate Bible study, which spanned a myriad of technologies.

  6. 6 David Sutoyo

    Haven’t heard of it till now. Looks very interesting!

  7. 7 Robert

    Glad it went well Nathan!!

  8. 8 Robert Spangler

    I listened to the mp3 to and from work today, thank you! The presentation was great, definitely some good tips in there, I like that you guys were able to talk about microformats as well, that’s one aspect I really haven’t explored too much.

    The ‘standards in a nutshell’ by Natalie is pretty great at well, I actually handed quite a few of them out while doing site analysis consultations last week (during Internet Retailer’s Web Design ’08 conference)

  9. 9 Nathan Smith

    @Robert: Hey thanks, glad you liked it. I felt dumb listening to the audio of my own voice, especially considering some of the verbal, informational mistakes. Good that it was beneficial despite all of that. I agree, Natalie’s diagram is immensely helpful when explaining the concept of standards.


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