BibleTech 2008

2 comments | Posted: 4 August 07 in General, by Nathan Smith

BibleTech 2008

Last week, we here at Godbit received an email from the press relations department at Logos Bible Software, letting us know that they are putting on a technology conference specifically geared towards and centered around the topic of Bible study. It is aptly titled the BibleTech Conference, and looks to have quite a stellar lineup of speakers. I am especially looking forward to Sean Boisen’s presentation on Bibleref, a proposed microformat for marking up Biblical text. This standardization is sorely needed.

Currently, they have an open call for presenters to submit various topics for consideration. If you are an aspiring public speaker, and/or a Bible study aficionado, this could be a great venue. Matt Heerema, Robert Evans and I are hoping to get approval for a presentation on frameworks, though we’re currently fleshing out the nitty gritty details. [Update: Matt and I will be presenting on: “Web Standards, Speaking Today’s Vernacular.”]

Personally, I’m glad to see a conference like this, driven by geeky technology for the purpose of furthering study of scripture. To propose a topic, you need not be a professional linguist, or full-time theologian (technically, if you’ve ever thought about God, you are a theologian). The only requisite is that you have a heart for Bible study and are technically proficient.

If that sounds like you, be sure to get your topic proposal to them, pronto. The deadline is August 13th. If you’re not an über-geek, but are still interested in using technology for Bible study, then needless to say you should probably consider attending the conference. If we get enough Godbit-ers, it’d be great to have a dinner like the ones we’ve done in Austin the past 2 years.

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  1. 1 Robert Spangler

    Very cool Nathan, thanks the heads up—I do hope you get to present.

    I’d love to make it out to Seattle as well, last time I was there I really enjoyed it.

  2. 2 Brandon Richards

    This does sound cool. I wonder if there will be video available for those of use who can’t attend.


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