ALA Survey 2008

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ALA Survey 2008
A List Apart – 2008 Survey

If you work in information architecture, web design or development, be sure to take the A List Apart survey. Last year’s was the first of its kind, and they are continuing the annual tradition. Maybe it’s just me, but the questions seem a lot more streamlined this time around. So, just like last year, I am urging you to take about ten minutes and make sure to give your professional feedback. Your anonymous information will be used to compile an overview our industry. For instance, this is the distribution of job titles from last year’s participants.

2007 Job Titles

The findings of the 2007 survey were pretty cool, showing overall demographics such as age, salary breakdown, and education levels. The results of the survey were all bundled into a comprehensive PDF report that anyone can download. Here is an example of the varying degrees that people hold in our sector.

2007 Education

Personally, I am excited to see the results of this year’s study, as they’ve had time to refine their questions and iron out some of the kinks in the survey process. I also think it’s good to have hard statistics to better understand what we do, and elevate the level of perceived esteem to that of other IT and creative jobs. If you work in a full time, part time, or volunteer capacity in or around web related processes, please ensure that your voice is heard. Take the survey.

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    I’m glad they offer this service, and just took the survey.


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