9rules Induction

12 comments | Posted: 17 January 06 in General, by Ryan Heneise

Did you notice the shiny new 9rules Network badge up top? Nifty, eh? As of today Godbit is the newest official card-carrying member of the 9rules network.

I’ve been watching 9rules develop over the past year, and it’s really pretty amazing to look down the list at the quality of the blogs that are represented. I mean seriously – it’s like a collection of my favorite blogs, all wrapped up in one nice tight package.

If you’re not familiar with 9rules, head on over and check it out (after you finish reading this article and post a comment, of course). 9rules is, above all, a place for writers and readers, where writers can expand the resonance and reach of their voice and readers can find content worth coming back to. 9rules is one of the most significant collections of content available on the web today, and it’s an honor to be a part of such a great network of blogs.

So what does 9rules mean for the Godbit Project? Well, pretty much that you can expect more of the same quality content. More eyes, maybe, as more people start coming to this site. In the words of one 9ruler, “I view 9rules as a catalyst for better writing.”

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  1. 1 Jesse

    ah ha! I saw this in the 9rules Religion section yesterday (when I added the feed) and was thinking “how long has Godbit been in 9rules? I didn’t realize it was” and even checked the site to see the 9rules Network badge… but no announcement.

    I figured Godbit had just always been in and I never noticed before.

  2. 2 Andy

    Very cool and exciting. I’m honored to be part of this.

  3. 3 Nathan Logan

    It’s very cool that Godbit is now in 9rules – more readership for our passion is a good thing.

    Thanks to Mr. Smith for his pursuance of this inclusion.

    To God be the glory!

  4. 4 D. Goodmanson

    Cheers Nathan. It’s great to see the contribution you have in the church/web space.

  5. 5 Nathan Smith

    Bleh, Scrivs spelled out my name all emphasized. Ideally, I’d like to be able to just visit Godbit, and see plenty of other guys leading the way with writing content. To quote John 3:30 – “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

  6. 6 Yannick

    I agree with ya Nathan L., to God be the glory! We gotta give him thanks for this opportunity.

  7. 7 Joshua

    VERY NICE!! I’m very impressed to see some sincere Christ-focused blogs making it into the larger blog networks. I say all that plural being optimistic, because honestly I’m not aware of other Christian blogs in any of the big blog networks.

  8. 8 Chris Harrison

    Congrats! This whole 9Rules thing just might catch on… ;)

  9. 9 Josh

    It seems like everyone is joining the 9rules Network. So answer me this, what are the benefits? Other than the pretty badge. ;)

  10. 10 Josh

    Congratulations! That’s a fantastic step for Godbit. It’s exciting to see your mission moving forward so quickly. God bless.

  11. 11 Nathan Smith

    Josh #1: I’m still trying to figure out exactly what the benefits are.

  12. 12 Wesley Walser

    I found Nathans site through 9rules, and then started reading this site when Nathan got it up and running.

    So there’s one benefit, not myself, but the readership rather.


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