2009 Christian Tech Conferences

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This year is shaping up to be a good one for Christian tech conferences, with several exciting events on the docket. I thought it best to list them out chronologically, and do so early enough that you can start thinking about which ones interest you most. Also, if you know of any I’ve overlooked, please feel free to make mention of them in the comments of this post.

Ministry 2.0

February 27-29
Austin, TX

Ministry 2.0

The Ministry 2.0 conference is a bit like An Event Apart, in that it takes place several times per year, in varying cities. The first one last year was in Nashville, TN. I will be speaking in ’09 at the venue in Austin, TX doing one presentation and one workshop. My presentation will focus on solid design fundamentals, and how to employ them with an eye toward outreach. My workshop will revolve around the creative process, showing a walk through of: ideationwireframingdesign. There will be several other speakers more eloquent than myself, including Stephen P. Anderson and Jason Reynolds.


March 27-28
Seattle, WA


I spoke at BibleTech last year, and found it to be an intimate gathering where you could really get to know the attendees. There were numerous topics, ranging from XML conversion from Hebrew to Chinese, optimizing Bible software for mobile devices, and using various methods of data visualization. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend this year, because my I will be busy gearing up for the conference that my employer puts on.

If anyone is looking for an affordable Christian event in the Seattle area, ripe with nuggets of knowledge, this would be the one to attend. Be sure to check out the talk by my friend John Dyer, Director of Web Development at DTS. He will be presenting “Technology is Not Neutral: Some Ways Technology Influences Spirituality.” Also presenting will be Mark Stephenson, the man behind the Web-Empowered Church, based on the TYPO3 CMS.

Dynamic Church

May 13-15
Frisco, TX

Dynamic Church

Dynamic Church is a yearly conference hosted by my employer, Fellowship Technologies. The focus of the event is to teach attendees how to “minimize administration, maximize ministry” via our flagship product, Fellowship One. What that means is, you will learn how to use various tools and methods to be more efficient, so that you can focus on what really matters: people.

One of the cool things coming down the pipe is our new RESTful API, allowing F1 to serve as a transparent gateway to your church info, rather than being a mandatory hub. Think of it this way: It’s been said that Twitter receives only 5% of its traffic via actual page loads, and the rest comes from their API

In an interview with BC Magazine, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone stated that the Twitter API serves 10-20 times more traffic than the Twitter.com website. — Source

Of course, we’d want people to enjoy using our product, so the F1 design / dev team (myself included) will be both presenting and fielding suggestions from conference attendees, as to how we can make F1 even better. It is my hope that the event won’t be solely about our business, but more about how we can collectively raise the bar for all church management software.

We also invite notable speakers who present on topics beyond the internals of FT, such as church leaders describing how they “do” church in a changing culture. This year, one of our featured presenters will be Kem Meyer, Communications Director at Granger Community Church.

Echo Conference

July 29-31
Dallas, TX

Echo Conference

I spoke last year alongside Christian Bradford at the first Echo Conference, and will hopefully be presenting another breakout session this year. My previous topic revolved around Web Standards and accessibility. It was well received, but sparsely attended. In retrospect, it probably wasn’t the best fit for the event. Echo is really more about inspirational videography, marketing, and design. So, my ’09 topic will be more tailor fitted to a user experience based theme, rather than the intricacies of code nuances. I might have to throw in some jQuery wizardry for good measure, because everyone likes on-screen magic.


I guess that covers the 2009 Christian tech conference listing, for all those I’m aware of anyway. Again, if I’ve overlooked some cool venue, be sure to let me know in the comments. And, please do consider attending one or more of these events so we can all hang out together, and possibly do a Godbit dinner.

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  1. 1 whs3

    Worship Facilities eXpo – http://www.wfxweb.com/
    WFX is a tech conference for facilities managers and designers, pastors, and audio/video/lighting tech teams.

    I attended WFX last year, and there were also some great sessions on web technologies.

  2. 2 Brandon

    Maybe not tech, but
    Creative Pastors Conference – http://www.creativepastors.com/c32009.php

  3. 3 Eric Granata


  4. 4 Yannick

    There is also the Geeks and God conference – http://geeksandgod.com/conference

  5. 5 Lilly Black

    Technologies for Worship (www.tfwm.com) will be running a Worship Pavilion, workshops and seminars at a variety of major trade shows this year, including NAB, Infocomm and LDI. There isn’t any information up on their site yet for what’s happening at the NAB, and LDI is in the fall, but there’s a lot of stuff up, including some really good registration prices, for Infocomm in Orlando in June. My boyfriend went to their NAB seminars last year and loved it. We’re both planning on going this year!

  6. 6 Tim Larson

    ICCM – The International Conference on Computing and Missions (www.iccm.org)

  7. 7 Jason Reynolds

    This year one of the original Ministry Technology conferences (Church IT Roundtable) has joined up with MinistryTech (referenced in a comment above) for a nice 1-2 punch. This is well suited for Directors of IT who are interested in digging into best of breed technologies and implementation details learned by others.

    For those involved in missions and technology, I have always appreciated what The International Conference on Computing and Mission has been doing since 1989 with its conferences. Looks like they have theirs June 12 – June 16, 2009. May be one of the longest conferences as well!

  8. 8 Jason Reynolds

    Looks like Tim Larson and I were thinking the same thing at the same time with ICCM and he beat me to the punch! No worries, they are worthy of promotion since they do such great work in helping those serving in tougher areas than my own here in West Palm Beach Florida. :)

  9. 9 Matt Carlisle

    Nathan — thanks for mention of the upcoming Ministry 2.0 training in Austin.

    We are in the midst of planning our next training event in Charlotte, NC. If anyone has suggestions of possible church venues to host us in March/April, please let us know. Thanks!

  10. 10 Natalie Jost

    Church Marketing Sucks just gave two other conferences: Q in April in Texas & Idea Camp (free) in CA in February.

  11. 11 Shrop

    A couple of other sources for conferences:

    NewSpring Unleash – http://www.newspring.cc/unleash

    Geeks & God has a number of web dev conferences throughout the year – http://www.geeksandgod.com

    Great list so far. Thanks! I passed this on to my church staff.

  12. 12 Tim Noah

    Thanx for the information, living so far away on a little island known as Britain it’s hard to attend these types of events. Maybe I should try and start something over here. any tips would be hugely appreciated!


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