About the Authors

Please note that these author bios are multiple years old and out of date. Actual positions, circumstances of life, and contacts have likely changed.

Andy Knight

Andy is a designer and developer at LifeChurch.tv. As a member of the “digerati team,” he spends most of his time in user-interface design and front-end development, creating web sites that benefit not only the local campuses of LifeChurch.tv, but also the global Church community. Andy is also the director and a writer for Lifetime Guarantee Ministries (lifetime.org). Along with the other Godbit contributors, Andy shares a passion for helping churches and ministries use the web to better communicate the timeless message of God’s grace. He and his wife Tiffany live in Roswell, Georgia, with their sons Caleb and Andrew.

Cody Lindley

Cody is a Christian, husband, son, brother, professional web developer, and outdoor enthusiast. He spends the majority of his time sleeping and working, but who doesn’t? In between the daily routines of the average American, he desires an existence that entails a relationship with God, family, and nature. He considers himself a bookworm and a novice theologian, but truth be told, he simply enjoys watching movies and playing Xbox way too much. He is thankful for the luxury of pursuing his profession as a personal passion.

Jeremy Flint

Jeremy lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife and son where he is Senior Web Designer at Kinetic Communications. He has been designing and developing for the web for almost 10 years and has a passion for web design and Web-related techonology. He is a strong proponent of web standards, accessibility and up and coming technologies such as RSS and blogging. In addition to Web design, Jeremy has also worked on interactive kiosks and CD-ROMs, video, audio and DVD production, and web-based applications.

Justin Thorp

Justin does research and development with emerging technologies with a large government contractor in Washington DC. He’s done research in areas such as social media, virtual worlds, mobile web, search and much more. He has also specializes in Web Standards and accessibility. He is an invited expert on the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative Education and Outreach Working Group. He is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology. In his spare time, Justin likes to debate politics, watch movies, and drink lots of coffee.

Matt Heerema

Matt lives in Ames, Iowa with his wife Nancy and cat Archimedes. He has been making websites for the last six years and has covered nearly every aspect of the field, starting with ASP, PHP and ColdFusion programming. He eventually slid into user interface design, usability and accessibility. He is now a self-proclaimed CSS guru. All this however, is simply a “tent making” means to support his family and church while pursuing his true passion: experiencing God, and leading people into his presence through music. He works with The Rock, a student ministry of Stonebrook Community Church, and is Creative Director of Direct Steps Consulting.

Michael Montgomery

Michael lives in South Florida with his beautiful wife and daughter. He works as a patent attorney for one of the oldest and largest companies in the world. After work, he is a web designer and a devotee of all things standard. He enjoys mountain biking (yes, in Florida), a few good books, and an occasional game of chess. He has founded Montgomery Studios, a Christian web design firm and a small (we prefer “lean”) consulting house for web standards. He is grateful for the Lord’s many blessings.

Natalie Jost

Natalie is a spirited personality with a passion for lighting fires under people, including her husband and daughter, whom she cares for in Southern Indiana. She particularly enjoys sharing her love for standards, in both the web and Christianity, because both express her failures and achievements equally. She has served bagel sandwiches, mopped floors and dressed mannequins. She also manned an entire telephone system and trained executives on the finer features of their office equipment. Today, she makes the web a more beautiful place, one site at a time. She is a designer and work-at-home mom, but does not regret giving up corporate life for a moment. She prays daily for God to illuminate her path, using her talents for his glory.

Nathan Logan

Nate resides in Boise, Idaho and attends Faith Community Bible Church, where he is involved in the website and other assorted ministries. He works for a local newspaper, where he focuses on backend development and dabbles in all other things web. He is passionate about Jesus, the local church, web development, spelling / grammar, and Baja Fresh. In his spare time, he trains for triathlons and remodels his house.

Nathan Smith

Nathan lives in Dallas, Texas and is currently finishing a Master of Divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary via correspondence. At his day job, he is a UX Developer at FellowshipTech.com — a company focused on empowering ministries. He also aspires to help the church strengthen its use of technology. He is married to a brilliant woman, and they hope to serve as short-term missionaries to Estonia, her country of origin, where her dad is a United Methodist pastor.

Robert Evans

Robert lives in sunny southern California and holds a bachelor degree in Business Finance. He currently works for a small start-up company doing web development and also does freelance work on the side. Robert has a passion to see the Church use technology effectively to further advance the Gospel Message. When Robert isn’t at work, doing freelance, or working on his own various projects, he is spending time with best friend and wife, Kirsten and their newly born daughter Madison.

Rob Soulé

Rob currently works as a front-end web developer for a large government technology company outside of Washington D.C. where he also lives with his loving wife and dog. Rob has been playing drums and helping to lead worship in a corporate setting for almost 12 years. He’s extremely passionate about music and the responsibility of leading people as they seek to gain a deeper understanding of a loving God. When he’s not playing drums you can usually find him on his PowerBook trying to design something cool or coding while adhering to web standards.

Ryan Hargave

Ryan is the Functional Director at Intereactive in Houston, TX. A career change from engineering landed him in the web field. He has a strong background in logical workflows and is self-taught in most programming languages. He has a fairly robust knowledge of server functionality, but is most adept in working with PHP and XML. He co-founded Intereactive LLC with a desire to create sites and web applications for companies and ministries that are struggling to have a beneficial online presence. During nights and weekends, you will find Ryan with his awesome wife and son, or at the local venue watching live music.

Ryan Heneise

Ryan is co-founder of Art of Mission, the programmer behind DonorTools.com, and the designer of quite a few websites and web applications. Ryan grew up in Haiti as a missionary kid, and still feels Haiti tug on his heart every now and then. Ryan is happily married to Bethany, the love of his life, the other co-founder of Art of Mission, his supporter, encourager, quality control agent, and chief website critic. Ryan holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Biola University in California. His passion for helping to empower Christian ministries and charitable organizations is the driving force behind Art of Mission and Donor Tools.

Tim Bednar

Tim and his wife Rebecca live in Minneapolis with their children Amelia and Nolan. A former artist and pastor, he is currently a designer for a global leader in e-commerce outsourcing. He created e-Church where anyone can participate in the Christian conversation by starting a free blog. He owns Turtle Interactive, creating sites for consultants, entrepreneurs and mid-sized businesses. He is best known for a white-paper entitled We Know More Than Our Pastors.

Yannick Lyn Fatt

Yannick is a web designer from Kingston, Jamaica who began creating websites in 1998 as a means of helping his parents to give their business an online presence. In 2004, he learned about Web Standards and has since created his own personal website, God’s Porch. He is currently a member of the Web Development Team at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus and is also completing a Computer Science and Electronics degree.