Godbit Rides Again - What's Next?

9 comments | Posted: 11 February 14 in General, by Matt Heerema

Hello world. The Past Just under nine years ago, a new resource and community site for church Web designers came online. Godbit.com connected a group of young (and old), passionate, skilled, bright-eyed Web designers and “god botherers” over the course of the next several years, spurring a new level of excellence and… • Read more

John W Long, the interview

0 comments | Posted: 22 July 11 in Interviews, by Robert Evans

John W Long is a software developer and designer that lives and works in Cary, North Carolina. He tends to spend most of his time on the design side, but he can’t get away from dabbling in Ruby and Javascript. He is passionate about user-driven design and helping clients build… • Read more

Brandon Cox

2 comments | Posted: 28 October 10 in Interviews, by Yannick Lyn Fatt

I recently had the opportunity of interviewing Brandon Cox, a Pastor at Saddleback Church, Editor of Fuel Your Blogging and also a Logo and Web Designer and Social Media Strategist. He’s also very passionate about about helping other Pastors to lead healthy churches. It’s with great pleasure that I… • Read more

Dave Clark

3 comments | Posted: 16 May 10 in Interviews, by Yannick Lyn Fatt

Dave Clark is a director on the creative team at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX. Dave and his team have been doing some impressive work and I’ve been itching to interview him for quite some time. I recently contacted Dave and finally got the opportunity to do so and… • Read more

Tom Rossi of Molehill and Buzzsprout

2 comments | Posted: 3 March 10 in Interviews, by Ryan Heneise

If you read this blog, then Tom Rossi is the kind of guy you’ll probably identify with – full of ideas, and constantly innovating, and doing the stuff. When I first met Tom, his company, Molehill was working on a project called msites, a web-based CMS designed to be flexible,… • Read more